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Game Review: Child of Light

A friend was kind enough to give me some Nintendo e-shop credit for my birthday, and now that I’m on break I decided to buy a new game instead of taking on my backlog like any logical person would *sigh*

Eliminating the need for me to get out my credit card or buy an actual card at Gamestop, I finally decided to buy Child of Light. I think I first heard about this game from a gif-set on tumblr, or it may have been E3 or a Nintendo direct. I don’t remember. But I do remember thinking it looked absolutely beautiful, and I learned from tumblr that the *entire* game rhymed. I knew I’d play it eventually.


The story takes place in the 1800s and revolves around Princess Aurora (of Austria presumably). She’s fallen ill and believed to be dead, soon after her father, the king falls ill as well. However, it seems that Aurora hasn’t died, but has woken up in the land of Lemuria. She wants to get back home to her father, knowing he’ll die without her, but finds out she’ll have to take care of some things in Lemuria first. As the game progresses other characters join the party in typical RPG fashion, and you find out more about how the land is suffering since an evil queen came into power. But that’s enough of a summary, now I’ll talk about what I liked most about this game before getting to why you shouldn’t like it.

The Art: This game is beautiful. Everything looks like a well illustrated fairy tale book, but slightly darker than the ones you may have had as a kid. I really loved the use of color. In a way it reminds me of romantic era work (color wise, not style wise) The screencaps really speak for themselves.


This game is wallpaper material

Child of Light_20140501202317

really, if you want some wallpapers, just google image search “child of light”


I even love how the design of certain characters reflects who they are. Aurora is another word for sunrise, and Princess Aurora’s flaming red hair and bright golden gown capture that. I’d say the same about villains, and describe some more, but I’m not getting into spoiler territory now.

Strong Female Characters: I knew from the start that the main character was a small princess, but that didn’t really influence my purchase. I’m used to playing as a guy, but it was really fun to play a game that actually centers around a girl for once. There are even other female characters that join the party, and no one in the game is sexualized at all. I’d love to see more fantasy games like this. The narrator and all of the major villains are female, not just our heroine! It’s really only women calling the major shots in this game from the beginning. It would’ve been nice if there was some actual (human) racial diversity in this game too, but I’m still really happy with all of the girl power vibes I got from this game.  I know I would have loved playing this game as a kid.

The Gameplay: Usually I’m not into turn based RPGs and having to grind. But the way the timer works in this game is a little bit different from what I was used to with old Final Fantasies. Character move along the timer bar at the bottom, when you get to the red part you take time casting your attack, you can get interrupted if you’re not defending though. Different attacks have different speeds, as do characters, but I’m not so great at describing it so here’s another pretty screencap.

Even the battles make beautiful wallpaper

Even the battles make beautiful wallpaper

The Rhymes: The entire game rhymes. The entire game. If one character says a line that doesn’t rhyme on it’s own, someone else will chime in to make it rhyme. It’s wonderful.

The Music: I really liked it. You can listen to all of it here:

And now….

Why You Shouldn’t Like This

  • The game could have been longer, or have had a bit more depth to the story. Even so it was nice for what it was.
  • There are certain times the game “forces” you to go into an area because a party member will leave and refuse to rejoin you until you go there. Or they’ll just straight up leave for a while when you wanted to go exploring for more hidden items. You do get to go back to every location eventually though.
  • This game would probably play more smoothly with a second player to control your firefly and illuminate dark areas, or aid you during battle. There’s a lot of stopping if you’re only playing on the wii u game pad.
  • I somehow missed a side quest and I don’t see how given it was impossible for me to miss the others with party members refusing to help me until I did them.

In conclusion, this is a beautiful game and everyone should play it. If Child of Light doesn’t win any awards for 2014, everything is wrong with the world, and EA is paying everyone off.

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E3 2011 and Zelda

Well E3 has come and gone, I didn’t watch as much of it this year as I have in previous years, but I managed to catch a good chunk of Nintendo’s press conference, which is really all I care about anyway.

Possibly the thing that got me most excited was news about the newest Zelda game, Skyward Sword! They released a new trailer!!

I must say that I am still very skeptical of how it will turn out since they’re saying its way different, not to mention I’m not crazy about adult Link looking all cartoony (in addition to his fugly pants, but I’ll save those pants for another post) or Zelda having bangs. But I completely trust the Zelda team to come up with an awesome story that will totally blow me away.

Also, the new bad guy is totally David Bowie.

Ok calling him David Bowie may be a bit of a stretch, but it was the first thing I thought of when I saw him.  Can you really blame me? All this blue guy is lacking is a mullet!

I really wish I could have this game now so I could spend the summer on it, but it looks like I’ll have to wait until “Holiday 2011” assuming they stay true to their word. I can’t even remember how many times Twilight Princess’ release got pushed back, all I remember is waiting for it for two years after first hearing about it.

The other thing that got me really excited, is the new baby they announced. The Wii and DS got together and made a baby, the Wii U.

This will solve one problem that has been around since home gaming systems were available: when you have a family member that wants to watch TV while you are playing a game. Basically the Wii U acts as a controller, but if someone wants to watch TV, they can, and you can continue playing the game on the controller. As far as I’m concerned, it’s possibly one of the best gaming innovations ever.It does other things, but I lack the tech vocabulary/conversational skills necessary to explain them,

That aside, I think Nintendo took advantage of the Wii U being so awesome and used it to troll every Zelda fan ever with this. (here’s a link to the fullsize version)

At first I thought it was a new Zelda, but everyone is saying its just an HD Twilight Princess demo. It makes sense, but also makes me a bit sad. I mean it looked so incredibly beautiful, it reminded me of how I felt when I saw the first Twilight Princess videos and images back in high school. Then it made me realize that Twilight Princess will always be the Zelda of my adolescent/high school generation, similar in a way to how Ocarina of Time will always be the Zelda of my elementary school generation. I think you get different experiences from games and other things based on how old you are. It’s different talking to people even four years older than me who are/were into Pokemon, just because it didn’t even exist until they were in middle school, whereas I was in elementary.

In the mean time, I’m looking forward to Ocarina of Time 3DS. Hopefully it’ll hold me over for a while as I anticipate the release of Skyward Sword.

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