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Game Review: Pokemon Shuffle

I’m almost hesitant to call this a game review.. I’ll explain in a bit.

Pokemon Shuffle, is a free downloadable title from the Nintendo e-shop for any member of the Nintendo 3DS family. It came out in February, but I put of getting it  (or touching videogames in general) until this past weekend because I didn’t need anymore distractions from schoolwork before my midterms.

By matching like pokemon together you do damage to the opponent, and if you clear the stage you get a chance to catch the pokemon. If you have more moves leftover at the end, your chance of catching it increases. There are also special timed stages, if you have extra time at the end your chances of winning go up. In general the game plays a lot like candy crush, aka it’s a free to play, pay to win game.

Just by playing through the game you’ll get some coins, which you can use to buy temporary bonuses and upgrades in the game. You’ll also get jewels far less often which you can use to buy more coins, or more hearts. You need one heart to play one round, you max out at 5 hearts, and it takes 30minutes for each heart to recharge.

There’s also a streetpass feature. It doesn’t really do anything besides letting you see the playtime and number of pokemon other players have caught. You sometimes get hearts, jewels and coins for getting streetpasses. And there are also special stages that are only up for a limited time that you can download each day, they usually give you coins for doing that also.

And now that I’ve described the game, let’s get to…

Why You Shouldn’t Like This

  • I never thought Nintendo would put out free to play, pay to win nonsense. I’d like if this game had a free version, and a version you could pay $30 or so for and have unlimited life.
  • I want to be able to unwind and play this game for an hour but I cannot because I’m too cheap. Why the hell is Nintendo trying to be like King or Zynga?? I expect better of them. Hell, they’re already being like EA with all that Hyrule Warriors DLC… (I’ll rant on that another time)
  • I think this is just Nintendo using us as guinea pigs to test out what games they’ll be putting on smart phones, aka more of this pay to win nonsense that doesn’t have the option of buying a full version.
  • The tutorials at the start of the game are kind of annoying.
  • It’s impossible to clear many of the special limited stages early on when you haven’t caught stronger pokemon yet. And it’s not like you can play for an hour straight and get the strong pokemon you need to because of the pay to win bullshit they have going.
  • I looked through the pokemon list, in addition to seeing everything you’ve caught, you can see silhouettes of what you have not caught. There does not appear to be a silhouette of wooper or quagsire. Games that came out before Gold/Silver are the only games that should not contain wooper and quagsire. I might be more angry about this game not having wooper in it than I am about the pay to win nonsense. If you find wooper in the game feel free to correct me, but for now I’ll stay pissed about it.

Overall, this game is enjoyable except for your lives needing to recharge and the pay to win nonsense in general. Get it if you want a free game with pokemon in it. But let Nintendo know we don’t want them to be like King or Zynga. Don’t waste any of your e-shop balance on jewels. WE EXPECT BETTER FROM YOU NINTENDO!!! YOU ARE ABOVE THIS!!!

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Pokemon Snap Stations, Where Have You Gone?

All of my local Blockbusters closing down caused me to remember something about my childhood. It made me remember the days the Blockbuster of my childhood had a Pokemon Snap Station.

Remeber these?

I remember begging my parents to take me to Blockbuster so I could use it. If you had a copy of Pokemon Snap, you could bring it in and use the kiosk to make sticker pictures of the photos you had saved in the game. And if you didn’t own a copy you could play through the first level and print pictures you had just taken. To print the pictures you needed a pokemon card.

There were several others with different pokemon on them. I remember having all of them but one. I also remember the people that worked at Blockbuster had no idea who any of the pokemon were. They’d show all of them to you and let you pick which one you wanted. The internet claims they cost $3 each, which sounds about right.

Another thing I remember having was the strategy guide.What I liked most about this was the section it had in the back to keep all of your stickers. They actually had spaces for all 151 pokemon.

I remember my Blockbuster had the Snap Station for one or two years and then it just disappeared. I was pretty disappointed. I assumed they trashed it or an employee got it.

So I went online and looked them up. It turns out only 4,500 were ever made. The promotion started in 1999 and ended in 2000 or early 2001. They’re very rare these days but if you’re lucky you can find one at a flee market or online somewhere.

I’d really like to use one again. But I feel that if I ever got my hands on one and bought it, it’d be extremely selfish to keep it to myself. This is something that every old pokemon fan deserves to experience again. If I ever manage to get one, I’d call Nintendo World and offer to sell or donate it to them on the condition that they kept it in the museum section of the store and allowed people to use it to print stickers. They would be the ones most likely to be able to get more sticker paper made after all. I doubt they’d go for making the cards again but it’d be worth it to get another sheet of stickers.

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