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Game Review: Pokemon Shuffle

I’m almost hesitant to call this a game review.. I’ll explain in a bit.

Pokemon Shuffle, is a free downloadable title from the Nintendo e-shop for any member of the Nintendo 3DS family. It came out in February, but I put of getting it  (or touching videogames in general) until this past weekend because I didn’t need anymore distractions from schoolwork before my midterms.

By matching like pokemon together you do damage to the opponent, and if you clear the stage you get a chance to catch the pokemon. If you have more moves leftover at the end, your chance of catching it increases. There are also special timed stages, if you have extra time at the end your chances of winning go up. In general the game plays a lot like candy crush, aka it’s a free to play, pay to win game.

Just by playing through the game you’ll get some coins, which you can use to buy temporary bonuses and upgrades in the game. You’ll also get jewels far less often which you can use to buy more coins, or more hearts. You need one heart to play one round, you max out at 5 hearts, and it takes 30minutes for each heart to recharge.

There’s also a streetpass feature. It doesn’t really do anything besides letting you see the playtime and number of pokemon other players have caught. You sometimes get hearts, jewels and coins for getting streetpasses. And there are also special stages that are only up for a limited time that you can download each day, they usually give you coins for doing that also.

And now that I’ve described the game, let’s get to…

Why You Shouldn’t Like This

  • I never thought Nintendo would put out free to play, pay to win nonsense. I’d like if this game had a free version, and a version you could pay $30 or so for and have unlimited life.
  • I want to be able to unwind and play this game for an hour but I cannot because I’m too cheap. Why the hell is Nintendo trying to be like King or Zynga?? I expect better of them. Hell, they’re already being like EA with all that Hyrule Warriors DLC… (I’ll rant on that another time)
  • I think this is just Nintendo using us as guinea pigs to test out what games they’ll be putting on smart phones, aka more of this pay to win nonsense that doesn’t have the option of buying a full version.
  • The tutorials at the start of the game are kind of annoying.
  • It’s impossible to clear many of the special limited stages early on when you haven’t caught stronger pokemon yet. And it’s not like you can play for an hour straight and get the strong pokemon you need to because of the pay to win bullshit they have going.
  • I looked through the pokemon list, in addition to seeing everything you’ve caught, you can see silhouettes of what you have not caught. There does not appear to be a silhouette of wooper or quagsire. Games that came out before Gold/Silver are the only games that should not contain wooper and quagsire. I might be more angry about this game not having wooper in it than I am about the pay to win nonsense. If you find wooper in the game feel free to correct me, but for now I’ll stay pissed about it.

Overall, this game is enjoyable except for your lives needing to recharge and the pay to win nonsense in general. Get it if you want a free game with pokemon in it. But let Nintendo know we don’t want them to be like King or Zynga. Don’t waste any of your e-shop balance on jewels. WE EXPECT BETTER FROM YOU NINTENDO!!! YOU ARE ABOVE THIS!!!

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Game Review: Child of Light

A friend was kind enough to give me some Nintendo e-shop credit for my birthday, and now that I’m on break I decided to buy a new game instead of taking on my backlog like any logical person would *sigh*

Eliminating the need for me to get out my credit card or buy an actual card at Gamestop, I finally decided to buy Child of Light. I think I first heard about this game from a gif-set on tumblr, or it may have been E3 or a Nintendo direct. I don’t remember. But I do remember thinking it looked absolutely beautiful, and I learned from tumblr that the *entire* game rhymed. I knew I’d play it eventually.


The story takes place in the 1800s and revolves around Princess Aurora (of Austria presumably). She’s fallen ill and believed to be dead, soon after her father, the king falls ill as well. However, it seems that Aurora hasn’t died, but has woken up in the land of Lemuria. She wants to get back home to her father, knowing he’ll die without her, but finds out she’ll have to take care of some things in Lemuria first. As the game progresses other characters join the party in typical RPG fashion, and you find out more about how the land is suffering since an evil queen came into power. But that’s enough of a summary, now I’ll talk about what I liked most about this game before getting to why you shouldn’t like it.

The Art: This game is beautiful. Everything looks like a well illustrated fairy tale book, but slightly darker than the ones you may have had as a kid. I really loved the use of color. In a way it reminds me of romantic era work (color wise, not style wise) The screencaps really speak for themselves.


This game is wallpaper material

Child of Light_20140501202317

really, if you want some wallpapers, just google image search “child of light”


I even love how the design of certain characters reflects who they are. Aurora is another word for sunrise, and Princess Aurora’s flaming red hair and bright golden gown capture that. I’d say the same about villains, and describe some more, but I’m not getting into spoiler territory now.

Strong Female Characters: I knew from the start that the main character was a small princess, but that didn’t really influence my purchase. I’m used to playing as a guy, but it was really fun to play a game that actually centers around a girl for once. There are even other female characters that join the party, and no one in the game is sexualized at all. I’d love to see more fantasy games like this. The narrator and all of the major villains are female, not just our heroine! It’s really only women calling the major shots in this game from the beginning. It would’ve been nice if there was some actual (human) racial diversity in this game too, but I’m still really happy with all of the girl power vibes I got from this game.  I know I would have loved playing this game as a kid.

The Gameplay: Usually I’m not into turn based RPGs and having to grind. But the way the timer works in this game is a little bit different from what I was used to with old Final Fantasies. Character move along the timer bar at the bottom, when you get to the red part you take time casting your attack, you can get interrupted if you’re not defending though. Different attacks have different speeds, as do characters, but I’m not so great at describing it so here’s another pretty screencap.

Even the battles make beautiful wallpaper

Even the battles make beautiful wallpaper

The Rhymes: The entire game rhymes. The entire game. If one character says a line that doesn’t rhyme on it’s own, someone else will chime in to make it rhyme. It’s wonderful.

The Music: I really liked it. You can listen to all of it here:

And now….

Why You Shouldn’t Like This

  • The game could have been longer, or have had a bit more depth to the story. Even so it was nice for what it was.
  • There are certain times the game “forces” you to go into an area because a party member will leave and refuse to rejoin you until you go there. Or they’ll just straight up leave for a while when you wanted to go exploring for more hidden items. You do get to go back to every location eventually though.
  • This game would probably play more smoothly with a second player to control your firefly and illuminate dark areas, or aid you during battle. There’s a lot of stopping if you’re only playing on the wii u game pad.
  • I somehow missed a side quest and I don’t see how given it was impossible for me to miss the others with party members refusing to help me until I did them.

In conclusion, this is a beautiful game and everyone should play it. If Child of Light doesn’t win any awards for 2014, everything is wrong with the world, and EA is paying everyone off.

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Nintendo, I am no longer disappoint.

Now you may remember, a while back I wrote this post about how disappoint I was with Nintendo’s event in Times Square promoting the new Super Mario Bros. game.

Today I went to an event at Nintendo World, the Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses, to be precise. The event didn’t start until 6pm, but we got there around 12. I guess I’ll divide this into two parts, the waiting on line, and the main event.

The Waiting On Line


I must say, the organization was pretty damn good. They had barriers, they gave out numbered wrist bands and keepsake tickets to the people on line, the Rockefeller Center security guards were present. It was wonderful!

When we got there, there weren’t that many people ahead of us, but in the end we still didn’t get the free stuff because we weren’t among the first 25. I was number 39. At least that doesn’t hurt as much as being number 26. That aside, we talked with some cool people near us on the line while we waited. My street passes from New York greatly outnumbered my street passes from Jersey 🙂 That was the good part of being on line, the bad follows.

We forgot to bring a blanket, so we sat on the ground for the most part, but that was the least of what went wrong. For some reason Bronies decided to have a meetup at this Nintendo event, and they congregated near us. They were annoying as hell. The best way to describe them is socially awkward nerds with my little pony buttons all over them. Listening to their conversations was almost unbearable. There were also a fair amount of n00bs. One guy started asking Scott if he lived “near here” and if he could help him beat Skyward Sword. Seriously? Get on game FAQs.

The Main Event


They let us in around 6:15 or so. I bought a symphony of the goddess t-shirt, they sold out of ocarinas very fast. I was pretty disappointed the Link cosplayer had the Skyward Sword outfit on, but it turned out to be a girl cosplayer, and since I have no sexual attraction whatsoever towards Skyward Sword Link, I became okay with it. They had some presentation by an ocarina player about the instrument’s history and how to play one, but we didn’t really hang around for that. We watched the concert, which was great. I believe they had a violin, a viola (or a second violin, I couldn’t tell), a flute, a bass and a Lyon and Healy (for those who don’t know, L&H is pretty much the top harp manufacturer). There were no seats, I assume to fit more people in, so we sat on the floor.

The guy who did the arrangements spoke before the concert and trolled us, said he worked with Koji Kondo up until around noon and that he said hi. Made me think Koji might show up for a minute or two. Oh well. The music was great, except for a few assholes who were talking. My only complaint about the music was that they had everything connected to amps. I never like hearing acoustic stuff hooked up to amps, it takes the vibrations away. And the room wasn’t that big, if everyone shut up they may have been able to get away without using amps.Or maybe if they just had amps playing the music for the people downstairs.

After the concert was over they were doing a meet and greet/autograph session. Instead of hanging around I opted to take my picture with that Link cosplayer because the line was shorter.


awwww yeaaaaaah gangnam style!!

My Final Thoughts 

It’s pretty obvious to me that they did this just to hype up the Symphony of the Goddess concert that’ll be in Madison Square Garden on November 28th. Originally I wanted to go, but after seeing this I’m not sure that I am. I know that it’ll be all amped out at MSG because that’s the type of venue it is. This type of concert would be much better suited for Carnegie Hall, Avery Fisher Hall, or even the Metropolitan Opera House. Acoustic music doesn’t feel live if you can’t feel the vibrations, and amps totally take that away. Not sure it’s worth blowing $50+ on.  I also regret not asking if they’d be using a Steinway. Defiantly not worth blowing $50+ on if they’ll be using a Yamaha.

Seriously Nintendo, the concert halls I mentioned were designed to amplify, yes they are smaller, but why not just play for 2 or 3 nights? *sigh* I guess they’re just catering to the videogame crowd 😦

Oh well, you can enjoy this hilarious photo Scott managed to get



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Review: The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword

I’d been waiting quite some time for this game. After finishing it this morning, here are my thoughts. Don’t worry, there are no spoilers, feel free to read it all.

Overall, this game is awesome and kicks major ass. I’ll start with the upside.

The storyline: It’s incredible. According to the official timeline this game is supposed to be the first. It explains a lot. Having played a number of Zelda titles, I had already come to some of my own conclusions and wasn’t completely surprised by somethings, but other things were completely mind blowing.

The new boss keys and boss battles: In previous games you’d normally just find the boss key and open the door, this game made use of the motion controls in an interesting way. This time around you find twisted sculpture things and have to flip them around to make them fit in the door.  They also made the boss fights more difficult which is a major plus. You can even redo boss battles later on in the game and completing the game once allows you to play the game again in hero mode. I haven’t played much in hero mode yet, but it seems that it’s a harder version of the main quest, much like Ocarina of Time’s Master Quest.


Groose: I was going to make a section for NPCs, but Groose is so damn awesome that he’s getting his own section. In short, he’s the best character ever. He starts off as quite a jerk but amazingly becomes very likeable as the storyline progresses. I’m really hoping that Nintendo gives him a spin off game. I mean who wouldn’t want to play The Legend of Groose??

We all know this was the real game.

He’s awesome and so is his hair. In fact, his pompadour even has a facebook page I highly recommend liking it.

Nintendo, I'm expecting you to make this a reality

The side quests: A lot of the side quests are pretty damn amusing. They introduce you to a number of likeable NPCs. A few of them even give you two options as to what you’d like to do, the best part is when they end up in awkward situations no matter which option you choose. I’d go into more detail but I said this review would be spoiler free.

The feel of other Zelda games: At times, it felt as though they were playing tribute to another Zelda title. The spirit realm parts felt a lot like being in the twilight realm, other parts had Ocarina of Time, Wind Waker and Spirit Track feels. I haven’t played enough of Majora’s Mask to say for myself but a friend tells me one side quest in particular was a throwback to part of Majora’s Mask.

David Bowie Demon Lord Ghirahim: As I mentioned in this previous post the (sort of) main bad guy totally looks like David Bowie/Ziggy Stardust. He may do creepy stuff with his tongue, but I found him hilarious… probably because he looked a lot like David Bowie. He gets more amusing as the storyline progresses.. and a lot more gay. Much like David Bowie. Well David Bowie’s true sexuality is shrouded in mystery.. I’m pretty sure Ghirahim’s is also.

As you probably know I can never like anything 100% without coming up with some sort of issue. Onto the downside.

The casualization: The first thing you notice is starting off the game with not 3 hearts, but 6, which is really ridiculous in my opinion. Later on you find a cheat sheikah stone, similar to the one they added into Ocarina of Time 3ds. Basically if you’re stuck at some point in the game it will show you what to do. What really bothers me is that they do stuff like this, but that now fairies only revive 6 of your hearts.  In addition if you die while fighting a boss and hit continue, you restart with 6 hearts and you wont get any of your potions or ammo back. It’s still better to save and restart the game.

The motion controls:  At times they’ve screwed up on me. When fighting certain enemies you need to swing the wiimote in a particular direction, even though I’d do this it wouldn’t register and he’d swing the sword the wrong way.

My anal story/timeline issues: Ok, they say Skyward Sword is first and then comes Minish Cap. This makes perfect sense and I wouldn’t disagree, except for one thing… watch Minish Cap’s intro and pay attention to the pictures.

Notice that the prior hero mentioned, who should be the hero in Skyward Sword according to the time line has NO HAT. Link in Skyward Sword has the famous green hat. Minish Cap explains the origin of the hat. I’m very pissed off that Nintendo didn’t even make Link’s hat fly off at the end of the game so that this part of the story would make sense. Nintendo, I’m really hoping the next game you make takes place in between these two games, and that the Link in that game does not have a hat.

The Music: Normally, I’d be raving about the music in a Zelda game. That’s not the case here. A lot of the music was crap and not memorable at all save what I believe is the game’s main theme. The only music they used from other games was the fairy fountain music. I was hoping for more of the old music to make more of a connection. Plus in Ocarina of Time, Zelda mentions that her lullaby has been in the royal family for generations, apparently it didn’t go back to Skyward Sword. Nintendo, I hope you explain the origin of Zelda’s lullaby in the game that takes places after Skyward Sword and before Minish Cap.

I highly recommend this game, despite all of my complaints. Play it for Groose, he’s the best. I want Scott to cosplay as Groose and myself to cosplay as Fi. We’ll identify ourselves as The Legend of Groose and be all the rage at comic-con this October.

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Nintendo, I am Disappoint

So today Nintendo was promoting the launch of their newest Mario game, Super Mario 3D Land (in stores everywhere tomorrow), in Times Square. It sounded promising and awesome. I read online that there would be warp pipes, coin jumps, free mushroom pizza and other awesome things of the sort, in addition to free tanooki ears and tails. I decided to go.

I regret my decision. Here is why.

a lot of people and almost NO organization

There were a ton of people. I was expecting that. A lot of them were from New Jersey (judging by the street passes I got), but I’ll put that aside. Nintendo, why did you not have barriers or ropes or some means of organizing the lines? So many people were unknowingly cutting in addition to the jerks that knew exactly what they were doing.  BARRIERS WOULD HAVE PREVENTED THIS!!!

Another option would be to give the last person on the line a sign to hold up that says they are last on line. Many booths at NYC Comic-Con did that, why couldn’t Nintendo do it here? Possibly the biggest piece of evidence that this was totally disorganized was the fact that behind me online there was a guy with his two kids who said he had been there since 8am. I was there since 9:58. Why hadn’t they had a chance to go on the obstacle course already??Not to mention we had been standing in the third row of the line in roughly the same area for at least a half hour. When we were in the back of the line it was moving at a reasonable pace.

The most amusing thing to happen was seeing this lady obviously cut to the front of the line and start a fight with another woman who accused her of cutting. The woman who cut maintained that she was not cutting, yet she was standing on line. She proceeded to curse out the woman and another man that was trying to calm her down, in front of many small children. The event people got security to make her leave. There were also some Marios doing flips and what not, but it was hard to see them while in the huge ghetto line.

Around 11:30 I noticed that people going on the rides were doing so without tanooki ears and tails and assumed that they had run out. That was when Scott and I decided to leave.  Also the free mushroom pizza had no cheese on it, it was just mushrooms and tomato sauce and I wasn’t able to get any since I can’t access the internet or twitter on my phone. But the pizza was free, not like you should have high expectations of it anyway.

Nintendo, I am disappoint.

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Nail Polish That Matches My Nintendo 3DS!

Lately I was on sort of an interesting quest, to find a shade of nail polish that matches my Aqua Blue 3DS.

The first one that I came across was New York Color: Color in a New York Minute: East Village.

It was only $2 and I had a coupon for $1 off so I decided to give it a try. It has a nice smooth application but takes 2-3 coats to get it not looking see through and it chips after a day or two.  They lied about it being quick dry, it took longer than I expected which made me more prone to smudge my nails after putting the third or second coat on. It’s also a bit more blue than my 3DS although it is a pretty good match.

Yesterday I bought Wet N Wild: Wild Shine: Caribbean Frost for $1. I was a bit skeptical about trying another cheap brand, but I know that they’ve been around longer than New York Color.

So far I like this one way better than the last one, since it only took one coat to get that color and since its a near perfect match to my 3DS! Even though it isn’t a part of their quick dry line I found that it dried pretty fast, faster than the New York Color quick dry actually. The texture of the nail polish is a bit gritty at times so you need to shake the bottle a lot, and applying it with my non-dominant hand to my dominant one way more difficult than normal because of this. Hopefully it’ll at least last a few days before it chips, but I do use my hands a lot at work so that’ll probably cause it to chip sooner.

Another good thing about Wet N Wild is that PETA says they don’t test on animals, and PETA is insane. I don’t like PETA but they are good for when it comes to finding companies that don’t test on animals and spreading awareness about *certain* issues when they aren’t exploiting women at the same time.

Any other girls, metrosexuals or girly gay guys with 3Ds’s in Aqua Blue that want matching nail polish, definitely go for Wet N Wild’s Caribbean Frost!

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E3 2011 and Zelda

Well E3 has come and gone, I didn’t watch as much of it this year as I have in previous years, but I managed to catch a good chunk of Nintendo’s press conference, which is really all I care about anyway.

Possibly the thing that got me most excited was news about the newest Zelda game, Skyward Sword! They released a new trailer!!

I must say that I am still very skeptical of how it will turn out since they’re saying its way different, not to mention I’m not crazy about adult Link looking all cartoony (in addition to his fugly pants, but I’ll save those pants for another post) or Zelda having bangs. But I completely trust the Zelda team to come up with an awesome story that will totally blow me away.

Also, the new bad guy is totally David Bowie.

Ok calling him David Bowie may be a bit of a stretch, but it was the first thing I thought of when I saw him.  Can you really blame me? All this blue guy is lacking is a mullet!

I really wish I could have this game now so I could spend the summer on it, but it looks like I’ll have to wait until “Holiday 2011” assuming they stay true to their word. I can’t even remember how many times Twilight Princess’ release got pushed back, all I remember is waiting for it for two years after first hearing about it.

The other thing that got me really excited, is the new baby they announced. The Wii and DS got together and made a baby, the Wii U.

This will solve one problem that has been around since home gaming systems were available: when you have a family member that wants to watch TV while you are playing a game. Basically the Wii U acts as a controller, but if someone wants to watch TV, they can, and you can continue playing the game on the controller. As far as I’m concerned, it’s possibly one of the best gaming innovations ever.It does other things, but I lack the tech vocabulary/conversational skills necessary to explain them,

That aside, I think Nintendo took advantage of the Wii U being so awesome and used it to troll every Zelda fan ever with this. (here’s a link to the fullsize version)

At first I thought it was a new Zelda, but everyone is saying its just an HD Twilight Princess demo. It makes sense, but also makes me a bit sad. I mean it looked so incredibly beautiful, it reminded me of how I felt when I saw the first Twilight Princess videos and images back in high school. Then it made me realize that Twilight Princess will always be the Zelda of my adolescent/high school generation, similar in a way to how Ocarina of Time will always be the Zelda of my elementary school generation. I think you get different experiences from games and other things based on how old you are. It’s different talking to people even four years older than me who are/were into Pokemon, just because it didn’t even exist until they were in middle school, whereas I was in elementary.

In the mean time, I’m looking forward to Ocarina of Time 3DS. Hopefully it’ll hold me over for a while as I anticipate the release of Skyward Sword.

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