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Anime Review: Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! (Binan Kōkō Chikyū Bōei-bu Love!)

Since the name of this show is long, I have dubbed it Mahou Shounen, or Magical Boys.

When I first saw the artwork, before a description was up, I thought it was going to be another weird reverse harem or otome anime with really effeminate guys. Then I found out that this show was about magical boys, I had to watch it. I was expecting it to be really funny, or really gay, or some combination of both. In the end, this anime turned out to be far better than anything I expected. It got better and better as the weeks went by.

The plot is very contrived, a bunch of bros are forced by a talking pink alien wombat to become magical boys, or “Battle Lovers” and fight the forces of evil, with the power of love. Later we get to meet the bad guys, who have a green talking alien hedgehog helping them out. But the plot isn’t even that important, you don’t watch Mahou Shounen the plot, you watch it because it is the best parody of the magical girl genre ever.


You know how you may have wondered, and still probably wonder how no one knew Usagi/Serena was Sailor Moon when all she does is change her damn outfit? Well, Mahou Shounen explains that. The wombat’s alien technology disguises their faces and their voices to everyone but themselves, as seen above. There are plenty of other instances of things like this happening.

Also, contrary to what I was expecting, Mahou Shounen wasn’t that gay while being totally gay at the same time. Think of it as being about a bunch of bromances, you know, those relationships guys have that are gay and not gay at the same time. Following this theme, there was not a single female character in the show ever. Not even in the background. Every character in this show, background or otherwise, was a guy. Anyway, not it’s time for…

Why You Shouldn’t Like This

  • When you finish this show it will leave a void in you that can never be filled
  • I missed my chance to preorder keychains of the characters on amiami, there also don’t seem to be figures out yet.
  • This show is one of those rare gems seldom found in anime land. It is the kind of show that raises your standards,  but once that happens it’s easier for you to see what shit everything else is *sigh*

That’s about it. I really don’t have anything bad to say about Magical Boys… it is one of those rare unique shows you can’t help but love and appreciate. I really hope we get a few more seasons, or a movie, even though the ending did conclude everything. It even filled a plot hole they could have simply ignored. It is truly a rare gem, possibly one that is too good and pure for this world.

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Review: Asura’s Wrath

I’m gonna do my best to keep this spoiler free, however there is one slightly spoiler-ish aspect I will mention but there will be a warning.

Okay, time for my review of Ancient Aliens: The Game Asura’s Wrath. It’s totally Ancient Aliens: The Game. The game’s story is about Asura, a demigod, who is set up to look like a traitor prior to having his wife murdered and his daughter kidnapped to supply power to some serious ancient alien technology. All of this makes Asura very angry, and spurs him on his quest to quell his outrage.

Pros:  There were a lot of awesome aspects to this game, I shall list them all.

You don’t have to listen to villains’ speeches if you don’t want to. When I first discovered this in the demo, I near vidyagasmed. You have the option of shutting them up in the middle of their speech and can even earn achievements/trophies for doing so.  Every game ever needs this feature.

Super epic battles. Some of the stuff in this game was so insane, I couldn’t comprehend it as it was happening. Fighting on the moon for no apparent reason, fighting guys 3x the size of the Earth, fighting a boss with six arms, fighting a boss with no arms, continuing to not die after everything, it’s insane.

The characters and Voice Acting. I really liked the VA’s in this game, I didn’t like all of the charters but there were a few that I loved enough to make up for the rest.  I’m gonna fan-girl right now and say that Asura in particular has a damn sexy voice.

The music. The music in this game was a mix of original compositions (I’m pretty sure at least, I couldn’t confirm), classical music and some classical remixes. It was key in making the battles and cut scenes more moving.

A hint of male exploitation. Just a tad, there was a little female exploitation… but I feel like the bit of male exploitation was enough to make it almost even. I do think they had women in mind with the one part I’m talking about 😀

.. I couldn't resist. I don't count this as a spoiler because it reveals nothing about the story line XD

Feeling Empowered Afterwards. Not all of the game is like this, but a fair amount leaves you feeling absolutely awesome afterwards. It also really helped me relax, ironically enough.

Cons: If you’ve been reading my blog you should know I can find problems with anything… here we go.

The price. Now although I had a lot of fun with this game it was way too short to be worth $60. This game would be totally worth $40.

You can’t read the text on a non-HD TV. This really pissed me off. I hate this about a lot of games. It wouldn’t be so bad if there weren’t text based plot fillers in between episodes. And even on an HD TV, they have a thing for picking backgrounds that the text blends into. It was a bitch to read, but they aren’t that important.



Playing as characters other than Asura, and the bromance that ensues. The name of this game is Asura’s Wrath, not “other guy being a loser” or “Asura’s Bromance.” I did not pay to play as some other dude. I payed to play as Asura and rage against everything. Normally I like bromances, but the one in this situation didn’t really make sense seeing is how Asura is such an angry guy and not a friendly one with friends/bros.



Final thoughts: I enjoyed this game, but it’s overpriced considering its length. I will replay it, but I wish it was longer. I recommend it but I suggest waiting for the price to drop or going halfsies with a friend and sharing it.

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