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Thinking About My Financial Future

So I’ve accumulated a little bit of money over my life from birthday checks over the years and other sources. Right now said money is sitting in a bank account doing almost absolutely nothing. Bank interest rates are a joke.

I want my money to grow without me actually adding to it. I want to buy some stocks. So I was thinking about companies and trends that will probably grow in the future and came up with the following list:

Trader Joe’s – They’re the normal person’s alternative to Whole Foods

Dr Martens – They are coming back in style.. and the stocks for UGGs and crocs had crazy increases after their popularity rose.

Moobella – they put one of these machines in my college and it’s pretty popular. I can really see this taking off.

Pink Berry or Red Mango – I’d rather not own Red Mango (as I am allergic to it while I am not allergic to Pink Berry), but hell, these places are popping up everywhere and if either one can make me some money I’m for it!

Sadly when I tried to find out the stock symbols for all of these companies I found out that they’re all privately owned. Basically that means I can’t buy any stock in them 😦

But despite this I still want to make myself a nice stock market portfolio! Now a good portfolio is nice and diversified. From what I can remember, Jim Cramer the host of CNBC’s show Mad Money suggests that you have one of each of these types of stocks in your portfolio.

Retail – Macy’s, JC Penny, Kohls, etc.

Energy – oil companies, electric companies, etc.

A company you know – self explanitory

Financial – banks, investment firms, etc.

Technological – pharmaceuticals, electronics, etc.

I’m thinking of opening a Scottrade account. They only require that you invest $500 and it only costs $7.05 for each trade you make. Many other brokerage companies want you to invest at least $1000 or $2500.

Alrighty then, now on to two stocks I’m considering investing in.

Proctor & Gamble – it’s around $60 a share, but it has a 3.1% dividend rate! I also highly doubt that they’d go bankrupt as they make things that we always need.

Dr. Pepper Snapple Group – it’s around $30 a share and I love Dr. Pepper. It also has a 2.7% dividend rate. So I could buy more of these shares… but I see the value of the stock being hurt if those d-bags pass the sugar/soda tax 😡 I also can buy this stock directly (I don’t need to use a broker).

I swear before the summer I will own shares in something! I’ll also be able to know what all of the things on this page mean!!

And that’s all for now!

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How You Know You’re Old and Boring

With my birthday and Christmas approaching, I have people asking me what I want. So far, my list consists of:

Socks – I like socks.. and could use a few longer thick pairs for the winter. But I managed to find a few fun pairs! I really like these, and I think the creator of kawaii not get’s part of the cut. Only thing is every time I ask my parents to buy me specific things from the internet, they never do. They just aren’t online shoppers.

Dress shirts – I don’t want all of the fancy frilly blouses that seem to be over populating most stores. And shirts with 3/4 sleeves that look like they’re full length sleeves rolled up. I guess I’m a boring minimalist, but I just want plain stuff like this from New York & Co. I really don’t get why they had their models attempt to make these shirts look sexy. They’re plain boring work shirts, they should have tried to make them look professional.  I can wear shirts like these when I go do observations next semester and hopefully not get mistaken for a student as often as I have this semester. Makeup would probably help, but it’s never been my thing.

GRE practice book – this is the ultimate proof that I’m a boring grown up.  I have to get a masters degree, which means I have to take this stupid test. It’s even more stupid if I end up staying at the same school, which I probably will due to the closeness and cheapness. But I’m still looking into other schools just for the hell of it. And I really don’t feel like buying an exam prep book.

That’s it for now. I am officially the most boring grownup ever. I hate having a birthday close to Christmas 😡

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