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Long Overdue Sandy Blog

It was about a month ago, that hurricane Sandy hit. I honestly wasn’t expecting it to be as bad as it was. They overreacted with Irene in my opinion, and I figured this would be the same. I thought it was bullshit that they shut down the MTA and closed all the schools. I still believe I could’ve gone to school that Monday, it was just really windy… but what followed Monday night, I was not expecting at all.

I was doing fine, but Minnie was freaking out and Zelda was calm. Zelda usually freaks out during thunder storms and Minnie is calm, but I guess this was different. We had to get a box for Minnie.. she kept trying to hide in the most random places. She liked the box for a while, then left, then liked it again.


I couldn’t sleep because of the wind, and my dogs walking around so I stayed up pretty late. I started freaking out when news reports came in of trees killing people in Queens. Then a tree fell and took out half of my block’s power. My mom forced me to sleep in her room since my room had risk of a giant tree falling on it, I obliged, but didn’t get much sleep that night.

Next morning was time for the surveying. It turned out two trees took out the power on my block, one fell on top of the other. I guess you could say they’d been staring at each other for all these years and one finally decided to hug the other ­čśÇ ┬áThere were a lot of other down trees. It would have been amazing, but I had already seen stuff of the like when we had that┬átornado┬áa few years ago. I like to think the damage in Manhattan is their karma for not giving a shit about Brooklyn and Queens when the┬átornado┬ádestroyed a few of our neighborhoods (and in only 15 minutes, not 30 hours like it took Sandy). ┬áHere are a few pictures, if you know me personally, you can see the rest on my facebook.

it’s hard to see, but these are the hugging trees

Things were ok, but then Halloween came, first they said they were postponing the parade. I later learned it was canceled for this year ­čśŽ ┬áBut I had no school, so I happily carved my pumpkin. Then sometime in the middle of the day we lost power. We had half power, and it was pretty awesome. We had internet and the┬árefrigerator which was more than enough for me. But then Con Ed decided to shut everything off. And day 1 without power began. (rest of this post is gonna get long, but it’s an accurate description of post-apocalyptic hurricane life)

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A Very Interesting Pumpkin

This story beings sometime last October. Halloween was approaching, and as is custom, we bring some type of small pumpkin to the cemetery to decorate the family plot. We left the pumpkin on top of the large headstone.

Christmas came, and the pumpkin was still there. And it wasn’t horribly rotten to our surprise, so we left it. We didn’t go back until Palm Sunday and were surprised to see that this huge tree with some crazy root system that had prevented anything from growing there for years was cut down.┬áThen on Easter we planted stuff that needed sunlight to grow. Some of the ground had also sunk in. The pumpkin was still there. It was rotten by now, but you could only tell if you touched it. We filled in the place where the ground sunk in with some compost and the pumpkin.

We came back on Memorial Day, the flowers we planted were growing, but some other odd plant was there. Then we realized it was a pumpkin plant. Not wanting the┬ácemetery┬áworkers to rip it out once it started sending its vine out, we dug it up and planted it at home. For a day or two I was worried it might not make it because it started wilting, but it picked back up and now it’s doing awesome.

We had to plant it in this ghetto space in front of my mom’s rose bush because the rest of the garden had already been planted with her tomatoes and cucumbers and beans. ┬áNow I’m on a pumpkin growing craze and am a bit disappointed I didn’t do research on this earlier. Since the pumpkins are miniature they could’ve been trained to grow along a fence or trellis. This one’s vine can grow up to 15 feet, and we should get at least 6 pumpkins. Assuming those mother-f*cking vine borers don’t attack it. We already had a slug eat one baby pumpkin. I need to put slug poison out soon.

Above are pictures I took of the two largest babies yesterday and today. I counted at least five more little ones. I am so excited for this :D. In a few more weeks they should be fully ripened. I have no doubts they’ll last until Halloween with how long the parent pumpkin lasted. ┬áI think these pumpkins are Lil’ Pump Ke Mons, but I won’t know for sure until they’ve ripened. If only I knew what I was doing I could cross pollinate and make all sorts of cool pumpkins!!

Now I feel like growing a giant pumpkin and naming it and entering it in a contest. Maybe in the future when I have my own yard.

This post is dedicated to my grandfather, who no doubt had something to do with starting that pumpkin plant ­čśÇ

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Fabric Shopping Haul

So yesterday, Scott and I went to Jamaica Avenue to go fabric shopping. Stores in Manhattan were too damn expensive, and Corona/Jackson Heights has more polyesters and prints than solid cottons. ┬áNeedless to say it was an epic success, aside from being accosted by 40/50 something white people that wanted “a┬ásocialist┬áalternative to Obama and Romney.” I really don’t understand why these people just don’t move to Canada or Europe and quit their bitching. Anyway, onto my haul!

The colors didn’t come out too well in the pictures I just took (with or without flash), but you get the idea. Anyway, details of our haul.

Maroon and pink cotton – $4 a yard, got it at a fabric store that was going out of business. Spent: $12

Ribbons – purple was $1 for 3 yards, ┬ábeige┬áwas $1 for 5 yards. Spent: $3

Fake Fur – $10 a yard. Spent: $10

Not pictured was a pink v-neck shirt I got for $1 that I can probably mod into Holo’s season 2 top if I have a panic attack trying to make it myself. Also not pictured was the awesome green┬ácorduroy Scott got for Lawrence’s vest (spent $3), and some matching thread (spent $1).

In total we spent around $30. Feels awesome. I still need to get some more matching thread, and some sort of white felt for the inside of Holo’s ears. Wasn’t gonna spend $10 on a yard of white furn when I need so little of it. I’m planning on painting those parts white or using white hair spray if I can’t find a small piece of white fur at a craft store or something.

Now the challenge is to churn out as much as possible in the next two weeks ­čśÇ

Edit: My ears should be done soon! Hell yeas!

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Start of Spring Break

I am so happy that my spring break is finally here.

So I started it off on Holy Thursday, I was a heathen and went out singing karaoke with my friends instead of going to my church’s potluck dinner/communion service.┬á I was good on Good Friday, I went to my church’s music service.

On Saturday I went out with Scott since I won’t get to see him for the majority of our break since he’ll be in the woods as part of his wilderness skills class. We visited the high line park on the lower west side.

I think this is supposed to be artwork...

It was pretty cool… although I can’t help but think the trees they planted up there won’t be able to do well in the long run. There was also some weird optical illusion sculpture that I didn’t photograph, I think it would have killed the effect. Then we got hungry and decided to get lobster rolls, at this not-so secret place.

...most delicious food ever

Now I’d be more than happy to share the name of this place, but they already have tons of great reviews… and I think its part of why their prices have gone up on the lobster rolls. If it wasn’t so late in the day we would’ve stopped by the museum afterwards, so we hung out in the park outside instead.

I had no other reason to post this picture besides to show off the awesome sunglasses I got at JC Penny that make me look like Jackie O, especially when I throw on a scarf or kerchief.

I was good again today and went to church. I’d have to say that Easter is my favorite holiday. My church has some of the best music on Easter, it also hasn’t gotten over commercialized like Christmas has. Plus if the resurrection never happened, there’d be no reason to even celebrate the birth.Spring also happens to be my favorite season… I really love the spring. But this year I’ve learned it’s not as amazing if you don’t have a bitch ass winter. Last year’s winter was *insane* we were practically living in a freezer, but then when spring finally came it was such an amazing relief.┬á I’m still happy it’s spring again, but it doesn’t feel as special.

Anyway, my mom was super awesome and got me a mini box set of a bunch of Beatrix Potter’s books.

I *loved* Peter Rabbit as a small child. I remember seeing the animations of some of her books on Nick Jr. back in the early 90’s. I think I have copies of Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny somewhere… but I had no idea there were so many other books. Or that they were first published in 1903.

I’ve read a few, and I love them all. Her illustrations are wonderful and all of the stories are adorable. Animals getting into mischief and then getting into trouble seems to be a common theme. I’m so happy with this, now all I need to do is find the Will Quack Quack books the cartoon of my childhood was based on… and a box set of the cartoon ­čśÇ

Happy Easter everyone ­čśÇ

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My Belated Valentine’s Day

So Valentine’s Day was a bit over a week ago.┬á Since Scott and I were both busy at the time we went out last Saturday to celebrate.

First we went to see The Secret World of Arrietty. It’s Miyazaki’s newest movie based on the novel The Borrowers (which I never read). The animation was great, and most of the voice acting was pretty good. It’s basically about these little fairy like people, “the borrowers” who “borrow” things from the humans. They claim that they aren’t stealing because they take only what they need, but they’re totally stealing.┬á I mean you’re not going to notice or care if someone steals a sugar cube from you but it’s still stealing. I liked this movie and would recommend it.

It also reminded me a little bit of Roald Dahl’s book The Minpins. I recommend reading it. It’s an illustrated children’s book and a very quick read.

After the movie we walked to Veselka for pierogies.┬á We wanted to go there ever since trying some of their pierogies at the dumpling festival this September, going there was well worth it.┬á I got their take on a veggie burger, a beet burger. It’s made from lentils, beets and kasha… all things I love. This was the most interesting veggie burger I’ve ever had. It was really awesome.

Scott got their cream cheese and lox breakfast pierogies. They were so damn delicious. I cannot even describe how damn delicious these were. It was $10 for the plate. Totally worth it for the amount you get and the taste.

Scott also got a side order of latkes because he’s never had them, and I couldn’t let him go on like that.

All of the food was delicious, and our meal even came with complimentary sparkling water. I definitely hope to go back and try more of their pierogies.

While we were in the city we stopped at the Union Square Green Market and bought some apple cider because it’s damn delicious. We also checked out Paragon because I was told they had a lot of camping supplies. They did, that store is *huge*I even found a pair of boots with a triforce on them.

I can’t wait to go back there before we go camping this summer to stock up on supplies.

In other news, I don’t want this break to end. I started playing Asura’s Wrath and I started playing Pokemon again. Gotta catch ’em all. And by all I mean the first 252. The rest don’t really count except for a few cool ones here and there.

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I Love This Bread

This is probably going to be one of my lamest posts ever, but I had to write it. I love this bread, I love this bread so much.

As I mentioned a few posts ago, I’ve stopped eating anything with yeast in it. I hadn’t had bread for weeks and was really craving some. I bought this *true* sourdough bread at my local health food store a few days ago. It’s Berlin Natural Bakery‘s sourdough spelt bread. I love it so much. My mom says its probably because I haven’t had bread in ages but this bread has such an awesome flavor. It has a nice distinct sourdough taste, but it’s not too strong. Adding to the awesomeness of this bread is the fact that it only has three ingredients: Whole Grain Spelt flour, water, and sea salt. It’s not the cheapest bread, costing about $6 a loaf, but it’s totally non-GMO and 100% awesome.

I also owe a lot to this bread. Today while in the drug store I had to walk past the snack aisle and of course I wanted a lot of that crap. But I refuse to cave. I told myself to be good, and that I’d reward myself with that awesome bread when I got home. The peanut butter and honey sandwich I had when I got home was so awesome.┬á I am so happy I have a bread fix now.

I was disappointed with the other breads Berlin Natural Bakery listed on their website, since this appears to be their only bread without yeast. My biggest disappointment is that they have yeast as an ingredient in their “biblical” bread. In Bible times there was no yeast -_-

I also bought another type of yeast-free bread.It appears to be made for someone who’s allergic to just about everything in addition to having celiac’s.

This bread also tastes awesome, and costs around $7 and has a similar sourdough taste to the other bread I mentioned, however they’re both different in their own way. This bread is less awesome because it has a lot more ingredients, but it’s still better than the typical bread you’d buy in a store. This bread is made by Food for Life. I’ve already mentioned my disappointment with them having yeast in most of their other products.. especially the bread that they decided to name after Ezekiel. There was no yeast in Ezekiel’s time.

Sorry for hating on yeast, but it is my personal belief that we are totally not evolved to consume it, as well as most of the crap in the western/first world country diet. I further believe that we’re not going to adapt to these news food items since the health problems they cause tend to kill people after they reproduce. In the case of obesity, it doesn’t seem to stop people from mating and producing children in the first place. Though it does make them less desirable as mates I suppose.

I seriously need to get sourdough starter and make my own bread…

In other news, I have *way* more energy after being on this no yeast, no sugar diet for a few weeks. It’s awesomely insane.That is all.

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My Laptop is Back!!

So over a week ago my laptop refused to turn on. I gave it to Scott who kindly took it apart, cleaned it and tried to make it work again. He could not. The problem was what I, a computer lay-person, thought it was initially and not what my computer wizard boyfriend thought it was initially. I thought it was my dead battery that could no longer hold a charge. Scott thought it was the mother board or internal power supply, until he looked at it and talked to a fellow techie, who said it probably was the battery.

So I bought a new battery. It came the other day and my lap top is back ­čśÇ My only issue is that it takes a while for the lights to go on once you press the power button.

Being without my laptop did wonders for me. It made me realize how computer addicted I was and how much procrastination having my own personal computer allowed me to do. I was still able to get school work done at home and at the computers at school. But I’m still happy to have my laptop back. The End ­čÖé

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