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Update On My Life

Welp, it looks like I haven’t posted in over a year now. So let’s talk about what’s been going on… 

In Terms of Nonsense:

  • I’ve watched a lot more anime, but that’s since died off
  • I’ve played some more games here and there, but not too many
  • I’m spending too much damn time on tumblr

In Terms of Productivity: 

  • I got my Bachelors degree
  • I’m working as a math adjunct 🙂 (teaching college is a million times better than teaching high school)
  • I’m now a graduate student working towards a Masters in pure math. 
  • I got my first A+ ever in the Spring 2013 semester, in graph theory 🙂 

Besides that I’ve totally slacked at being a bzzagent… and I’ve also slacked at some research I started with a professor this past summer… I’d rather not think about it. It makes me feel bad despite all of my accomplishments. 

Also all of those plants I’ve blogged about in the past are dead… my orchid never bloomed before it was put to rest. And those baby Oak trees didn’t make it 😦 I suppose it fits that quote from Wuthering Heights: 

“He might as well plant an oak in a flowerpot, and expect it to thrive” 

And more trees on my block have been cut down. It makes me sad… I think I’ll end here before I depress myself too much. I’ll be back with an anime review shortly. 

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