Live Blog Review – Sukitte Iinayo Episode 1

Well I’ve never done one of these before, but they amuse me so I thought I’d give it a try. Anyway, Scott and I decided to give this anime a shot after finishing Dusk Maiden of Amnesia. One of Scott’s friends suggested he watch it with his girlfriend. In fact she she described it as “Watch it With Your Girlfriend TM,” so why the hell not? I don’t mind having something to “d’awww” over.

Also I don’t even think I can say Sukitte Iinayo correctly and it’s hard to remember so I’ll be keeping up my usual habit of nicknaming animes with confusing Japanese names. I’m referring to this one as “Shit Romance 1” (the 1 is there because I may watch more shit romances). I think the actual title means “Say I love you” but it was dubbed “Shit Romance 1” long before I found that out, too late to change it up now.

Let’s start this! (Contains episode 1 spoilers, but don’t let that discourage you, since you’ll probably never watch it anyway)


No opening in the first episode, alright then…

We start the show off with a depressing flashback to the MC’s childhood trauma.


Now that’s a depressing way to start anything. Turns out our MC got blamed for killing it.

Seriously, killing off animals is something I will refuse to watch movies over. Why the hell are we watching this again?

Whatever, time to meet the MC. Her name is Mei. Her last name is too long for me to remember and I’m too lazy to look it up.


Those trope overly pretty eyes… I know *exactly* where this anime is going.

Scott was told this was a girly romance. The eyes confirm it. Now I can tell you *exactly* what will happen. She is shy and unpopular, and the popular guy that all of the girls like is going to fall for her. And he’s going to be somewhat of an asshole, but she’s going to fall for him anyway. I can’t tell you the end because I always stopped reading managas of the sort because they bored me to death.

See other girls are already making fun of her, what did I tell you?

So after this we learn that she hasn’t had a boyfriend or any friends at all for her entire life. Except the friends who framed her for killing the class’ pet rabbit, thus creating her childhood trauma and her conviction to never make any friends again.

And the most popular boy in school has appeared.

It looks like they bumped into our MC

Mr. Popular is clearly smitten with her now…

He’s smitten alright

Mr. Popular learns from his bro that our MC is quiet and no one’s heard her speak, this only fuels his lust. Apparently quiet girls who don’t give a fuck about his existence are interesting to him.

In case you had any doubts he was the most popular boy in school…

But we need our MC back, as they two of them are doomed to get together.

Looks like Mr. Popular’s perverted friend doesn’t realize it’s our loser MC.

Correct response, incorrect target. You go girl!

She roundhouse kicks Mr. Popular by mistake. I give her mega points for this, the world needs to stop tolerating perverts after all, and from what I hear it’s quite a problem in Japan. Our MC even calls Mr. Popular an asshole and tells him to leave her alone.

…and yet Mr. popular is *still* smitten.

After our MC dumps out the tacks and hate note her classmates put in her shoes, Mr. Popular decides to apologize for his friend stalk her.

And why exactly are you happy to have such a low life as a friend?

At any rate, our MC decides to apologize in turn, but Mr. Popular can only respond to that like the asshole he is.

…because we all know women are just supposed to let men lift up their skirts

But he sees that he upset her by being an asshole and apologizes. Then decides to start making moves on her, because that’s was asshole popular boys do.

I’m sure that’s what you say to every girl who’s pants you want to get into.

He still doesn’t get it does he…

…obviously doesn’t get it.

Since his usual moves had no affect, he better follow her, because we all know stalking is the way to a woman’s heart.

Mr. Popular, your new name is now Asshole

… because all girls want to be friends with stalkers right?

He asks to exchange numbers, being an intelligent female she refuses. But he still gives her his.

Oh, guess his name is Yamato. Too late, he’s already been dubbed Asshole

Then she gives him a band-aid for hurting his hand when she kicked him earlier.

This is the first time we’ve seen him blush. Who blushes over a friggin band-aid??

Then our MC leaves having had enough of Asshole for the day.

Yes, he waits until now to ask himself that question.

On her way to work she starts to develop feelings for Asshole, because that’s how girly romances work. She gets to her job at a bakery, and we already catch some guy staring at her.

I’m guessing stereotypical perverted Japanese business man.

And our MC is still thinking about Asshole

Then Pervy Business man tires to ask if she’s single, but can’t quite get it out.

But he still manages to flash her a creeper smile on his way out.

That’s it for today. When our MC gets home she looks at his phone number for a second before going to bed. Now we’re back at school, and Asshole can’t figure out why she didn’t call him.

Turns out she doesn’t like talking on the phone. Surprise, surprise.

And it’s now revealed that she has no friends, because we didn’t know that already.

Guess this has only fueled his lust further.

And the second Mei is gone, more girls return to fawn over Asshole

So the three of them walk and talk, in doing so they pass by this girl pictured below.

She doesn’t look too happy about it. I have no idea who she is, but she looks like a bitchy villain that will be back later.

But back to our MC, she’s just gotten out of work a bit on the late side just in time to notice…

Pervy Japanese Business man, you are now Stalker-san

Calling it now, Asshole is going to save her.

He’s stalking her alright.

Now maybe if Stalker-san had a social life in high school, and had friends and wasn’t putting all of his life into doing well in school so he could become a successful business man, and not have missed out on dating/having fun he’d possess the social skills to ask her out like a normal person while she was at work. Or better yet, he could’ve asked out a woman older than 16. Anyway, MC is pretty damn sure she’s being stalked, so she runs into a store to call her mom.

Keep in mind, Stalker-san is still waiting outside.

But sadly for our MC, her mom isn’t picking up the phone, and calling the police makes no sense. I mean, there’s only a potential murderer rapist waiting for you outside, right? And you fund the cops’ salary with the taxes from your part time job. It makes no sense to call the police, obviously. Who else can we call?

Good thing she’s still got Asshole’s number.

So Asshole immediately leaves the bitches he’s hanging out with at karaoke after getting her call to come to her rescue.

MC explains the situation.

He asks how long Stalker-san has been waiting, she says about 35 minutes or so.

Takes one to know one. But at least Asshole talks to you while stalking you.

So now, Asshole has a good opportunity to be a gentleman, scare off the stalker and walk her home. Doesn’t sound that hard right?

Maybe he’s not such an Asshole after all and this will get cute.

Stalker-san wasn’t expecting this.

And now things escalate rather quickly, Asshole continues to be an asshole, and the episode ends.

Really? You had to NTR Stalker-san to scare him off? You couldn’t just say you were her boyfriend like a normal guy? Your damn arm was around her already, a cheek kiss would have done it. I have a feeling Stalker-san’s gonna be back.

But let’s examine this on a more serious note. She calls Asshole because she’s scared about being stalked and obviously does not want to be raped, or touched “romantically” without her consent. Yes, he saves her from potential full on rape, but he forces her first kiss on her. That’s still assault. He’s still an asshole. He took advantage of her in her hour of need. I’d call the cops on him if I were her, but I have a feeling that won’t happen.

I will be watching episode 2, and maybe a few more after that, but I already have a strong feeling I’m going to drop this at some point.


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