Long Overdue Sandy Blog

It was about a month ago, that hurricane Sandy hit. I honestly wasn’t expecting it to be as bad as it was. They overreacted with Irene in my opinion, and I figured this would be the same. I thought it was bullshit that they shut down the MTA and closed all the schools. I still believe I could’ve gone to school that Monday, it was just really windy… but what followed Monday night, I was not expecting at all.

I was doing fine, but Minnie was freaking out and Zelda was calm. Zelda usually freaks out during thunder storms and Minnie is calm, but I guess this was different. We had to get a box for Minnie.. she kept trying to hide in the most random places. She liked the box for a while, then left, then liked it again.


I couldn’t sleep because of the wind, and my dogs walking around so I stayed up pretty late. I started freaking out when news reports came in of trees killing people in Queens. Then a tree fell and took out half of my block’s power. My mom forced me to sleep in her room since my room had risk of a giant tree falling on it, I obliged, but didn’t get much sleep that night.

Next morning was time for the surveying. It turned out two trees took out the power on my block, one fell on top of the other. I guess you could say they’d been staring at each other for all these years and one finally decided to hug the other ­čśÇ ┬áThere were a lot of other down trees. It would have been amazing, but I had already seen stuff of the like when we had that┬átornado┬áa few years ago. I like to think the damage in Manhattan is their karma for not giving a shit about Brooklyn and Queens when the┬átornado┬ádestroyed a few of our neighborhoods (and in only 15 minutes, not 30 hours like it took Sandy). ┬áHere are a few pictures, if you know me personally, you can see the rest on my facebook.

it’s hard to see, but these are the hugging trees

Things were ok, but then Halloween came, first they said they were postponing the parade. I later learned it was canceled for this year ­čśŽ ┬áBut I had no school, so I happily carved my pumpkin. Then sometime in the middle of the day we lost power. We had half power, and it was pretty awesome. We had internet and the┬árefrigerator which was more than enough for me. But then Con Ed decided to shut everything off. And day 1 without power began. (rest of this post is gonna get long, but it’s an accurate description of post-apocalyptic hurricane life)

Not having internet and a working house phone were probably the hardest things for me to deal with throughout this ordeal. It started getting cold, but luckily we have a fireplace, and a gas stove. We were able to have one warm room and cook.

The dogs had no idea what was going on and were happy since we were all home for the most part. My dad went into work a little bit, but they couldn’t do much since they had no internet for an extended period of time.

Thank God our hot water also worked, however, sorry if this sounds disgusting, but I was taking showers at most once every other day. The water may have been hot, but you get cold when you step out and it takes forever to dry your hair in front of the fireplace. I totally understand why people didn’t bathe in the middle ages, and other periods in history. It’s too damn cold and too much of a bother.

Something else that I noticed is that as soon as it gets dark you start passing out, the first night we lost power I think I went to bed at 6:30 because there was nothing else to do. I then woke up at like 3am and had trouble falling back asleep because it was freezing. The next day I remembered to use what charge was on my laptop to watch animes and BL visual novels I had saved and managed to get to sleep at 8.

I charged my computer at Scott’s house one day… it was a relief to finally get out of the house and see the rest of the world functioning.. and to be in rooms with lights. On Friday, when school finally opened back up, I spent the whole day there because the MTA was still giving free rides :D, plus school had beautiful sweet internet.┬áSwapped┬ádestruction stories with other people I saw. One guy had a bunch of pictures of Coney Island… I don’t think I should have to tell you what they looked like. Also talked to a girl from Howard Beach who was staying with a friend, she went back to get her PS3 and laptop so looters wouldn’t get them. And a friend of mine in the Rockaways was sleeping with a can of mace next to her bed in case of looters ­čśŽ

Going home before dark was horrible… I wanted to just stay there, or stay at Scott’s place, but my parents would never allow that. So I had to return to the Dark Ages for dinner and then more forcing myself to stay up until 8-9 with BL visual novels.

It was around now that the gas situation became┬áapparent┬á Really long lines everywhere… they went on for blocks. If I had power, I would have taken my video camera and filmed the length of these lines because you could not possibly imagine what they looked like if I only described it to you in words. My dad ended up waiting an hour on one to get gas for one of our cars.

I had also started getting used to the cold, nights became less cold when I remembered Scott gave me a fox kigurimi last Christmas. That thing is so comfortable and warm and the best thing to have if you lose heat. I was also starting to not turn on light switches that now did nothing out of habit, and was remembering to take candles with me more often. ┬áNow, candles are ok, but oil lamps are awesome. They make a much better light, but the fumes smell horrible. It’s so sad. I had really bad headaches from the fumes.

Then the following Monday school resumed, I was so happy to be in a place with power. So happy. I finally got my power back Tuesday night. When I was walking home from the bus I saw beautiful con ed men from Texas (they had to bring in a lot of workers) on our block. I yelled out “thank you” to them. Prior to that any sighting of a Con Ed worker or “person wearing orange” caused Walking Dead like scenes to happen… everyone on the block would catch on and start surrounding the guy XD.

The only reason we got our power back that “soon” (like 8 days later) was because the lady who had two trees fall on her house happened to have a son who’s a fireman. Him and his friends took the tree off the wires (and her house) after the power was shut. Other people had to wait until the end of that week almost because the trees were still on the wires. Con Ed were also assholes throughout it all, they’d say they’d call your *house* number when they knew more, but most people had no house phones. The communication was horrible on their part. This is just another big screw up on my list of why Con Ed sucks. Maybe I’ll post that one another time.

What I’ve Taken From This Experience┬á

– If I ever had to be in a situation with no power again, I’d rather be with the Amish, because their society is build around it and I’d have a job to do instead of feeling like a lazy freezing person.

-I have added the following items to my birthday list: chainsaw, electric generator, gas cans. I don’t think my parents will get me any though.

-I will not even consider purchasing a house in the future that does not have a fire place and gas stove.

-I was thankful for electricity and my house not being destroyed this Thanksgiving.

-I gained resistance to the cold, when it snowed the day after we got our power back, I noticed I wasn’t freezing in just my light winter coat and jeans(with no leggings underneath) like I normally would.

-Doing math without the internet is almost impossible (for me), I’m no where near as smart as I’ve been given credit for and I’m even more amazed by mathematicians of the past. Not only did they have no internet or quick means of communication, but I think they said Gauss would stay up all night doing math. I have no idea how that’s even possible by candle light. But Euler was blind towards the end of his life and still churned out proofs. You really do appreciate their contributions so much more when you’ve had a ghetto taste of what their lives were like.

-Mayor Bloombitch’s Spanish is really bad… I don’t think he’s even trying.

-Dogs couldn’t care less about technology (but I already knew that) ­čÖé


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    Lmfao, “Mayor Bloombitch’s Spanish is really bad.” XD I’m glad that yo and your family are alright, though, and didn’t have to go without power longer than that. My block was lucky and didn’t suffer too much damage, but the rest of my neighborhood wasn’t so lucky. Billy lives only 13 blocks away from me, and he still didn’t have power for 2 weeks. :/ But it really changes our perspective and makes us appreciate what we may take for granted sometimes. It’s nice seeing you post again, though. Hope you had a good Thanksgiving! ^.^

    • 2

      the product of primes said,

      I plan on getting back to posting… I have way too many things to complain about. I know John was also out for around 2 weeks, the only reason we weren’t was because of the awesome firemen who took the trees off the wires :/ if not we would’ve had to wait even longer for that before Con Ed could fix the poles and wires.

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