(Un)real Candy

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll know I’m a bzzagent, and occasionally get new products for free or at a discount in exchange for sharing my honest opinion of them with others.

My most recent bzzcampaign was for (un)real candy! I was really excited about this since I haven’t gotten a bzzcampaign in a while and because I love candy (even though I don’t eat it that often). What’s different about (un)real candy is that they don’t use hydrogenated oils, artificial dyes or preservatives. Their mission is to make candy less bad for you and maybe even taste better.

I got one coupon for a free 1.3 – 1.7 oz candy, and a several buy one get one free coupons. Using the coupons I purchased every type of (un)real available at my local CVS. The official names are (un)real 77,   8 and 54, but I’ll be referring to them as knock off reese’s, snickers and peanut M&Ms respectively.

Some one took the square root of a negative, things are no longer real. AWWW YEAH!!

I’ll start with the knock off Snickers.

nice, but needs more peanuts.

Now for the knock off M&M’s…

the natural dyes remind me of easter eggs for some reason

And I didn’t take a picture of the knock off Reese’s so I’ll share my opinion now. One thing I noticed about each of these candies is that they didn’t taste as sugary or sweet as their main competition, and all of the chocolate tasted more like dark than milk. I am a fan of this. I was also able to recognize most of the ingredients on the wrapper. I was delighted to see the dyes used for the chocolate covered peanuts came from beets, turmeric and red cabbage. Cane sugar and agave were the main sweeteners.

I could tell the difference between them and their competition, but my boyfriend couldn’t right off the bat. It’s probably because I eat more candy, or I might have more refined taste buds. Who knows? You’ll have to give them a try yourself if you really want to know.

Why You Shouldn’t Like This:

  • They cost a tad more than their main competition, and are smaller.
  • The number “names” for their candy are stupid and hard to remember.
  • (Un)real 8 needed more peanuts.
  • If they’re taking the “healthier” route, it’d be nice if they added some vegan options in there. Especially since I’ve found a lot of vegan knock off packaged foods are full of “questionable” ingredients.

Overall I did like these, and will be using the rest of my coupons on myself if I don’t give them away.  I prefer candy with less sugar. One of the things I’ve always wondered is why they couldn’t just make things like candy and soda with less sugar to begin with. I prefer it so much more to nasty fake sugar that has a godawful after taste. If you know me personally and would like some of the coupons, hit me up, if not… more for me 😀


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