Review: Black Butler Season 1

If you have been to an anime convention, you’ll have heard of this series, even if you never watched it. Why? Because Black Butler’s characters are being whored out by cosplayers, almost to the same scale as Heitalia (but not to the degree of Homestuck). Anyway, Black Butler is about the mysteries 13 year old orphaned and excessively wealthy Ciel and his demon butler Sebastian solve. It takes place in Victorian England and caters to the yaoi crowd.

The Good

-I got a few good laughs out of it and found it to be pretty entertaining in general.

-It was really gay. Which is probably why it was so funny. Every episode I found myself saying under my breath all of the following, “this is so gay,” “GAY GAY GAY,” “I cannot believe they just went there. This is so gay!”

-Some of the side characters were really great, I’m talking about the reaper, undertaker and hell-hound. All were pretty funny, one, in particular, was really gay.

-I was watching the dub, and I found it hilarious that Ciel and Sebastian had the same voice actors as Holo and Lawrence (Wolf and Spice) respectively. It’s like some really weird role reversal if you’ve seen both series.

The Bad

-The second half of the season got pretty slow, mostly because of lame new characters and the disappearance of older ones I really enjoyed.

-Ciel was an annoying little angsty emo bitch.

-As usual, Japan has shown that they can never get another country’s culture and history right. On this note, every so often something just completely did not make sense. But all animes have that, so I shouldn’t complain.

-As gay as it was, **spoiler** nothing major ever happens between any of the characters, or if it does they don’t show it. That really annoys me, for all the  fanservice in these cliche harem animes you think they could show two guys kissing or ass grabbing or something. I was pretty disappoint.

Final Notes: 

I only finished this anime because when I was on the verge of dropping it, I only had about five episodes left, and so I decided to push on. I’m hesitant to watch season 2, because I was happy with the ending to season 1 and I’m not sure how they could really continue it. But I’ll probably watch anyway, so long as it gets less serious and more funny (gay). I recommend it if you’re bored and want a laugh, but aren’t looking for an anime to make a major investment in. I’d give it a 3/5, mostly for the laughs and how funny all of the gayness is.


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  1. 1

    My sister and I ended up watching the last half of this series. It was weird. Especially Season 1 ending. Although I noticed at AnimeNEXT this show had a strong following. Its like the new “Naruto” or “Inuyasha.” I’m guessing because it is available on Netflix? Lol.

    • 2

      improperintegirl said,

      I’d say it’s the new Ouran High School Host Club.. since that also had a yaoi following and since Inuyasha and Naruto have like a million episodes.

      And the last half is the worse half. It just got weird, way more gay, “Your soul is the only one I want to devour, Master,” and the reaper guy who was in love with Sebastian was hardly around anymore XD

  2. 3

    Paradox said,

    haha, its gay eh? what does that even mean really? are you saying its pathetic? the story line ? im not saying you have to like it, because I love it, but you have least have to be less offensive about it , yah its a bit of a cult series , but the art and story like is exceptional the way you right about it is so unprofessional and bias , if you don’t like it that’s cool, but there’s son need to be so blunt and forward about it , its just different peple like different things right aahaa

    • 4

      the product of primes said,

      I like it. That is why I put the gayness factor in the Pro section. By calling it gay I mean that it is homosexual in nature. Come on, I’m pretty sure Sebastian wanted to devour more than Ciel’s soul. I shouldn’t even need to bring up Grell. The only downside is that none of the guys ever kissed or anything… all of those implications only to not even give us a kiss at the end? For shame!

  3. 5

    caca said,

    It’s really disappointing that Sebastian could be gay. I wouldn’t imagine him being homo. 😛

  4. 6

    caca said,

    whoops, i put a happy face! I meant this face: 😛

  5. 7

    caca said,

    no, it won’t come out 😦

  6. 8

    caca said,

    oh, there it is x.x

    • 9

      anonymous said,

      Have you seen Black Butler Book of Circus(season 3)? It continues from the manga and DOES NOT continue from the crappy season 2 ending! WATCH IT! There’s a super gay scene in episode 9!!!

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