Prosperity Dumpling

I’d been meaning to blog about this place forever, but I had fallen out of the blogging habit. Now that I’m back in it, this place is getting the bets review ever.

Ladies and gentlemen, do you like dumplings? Of course you do! What kind of fool doesn’t like dumplings? Do you like delicious cheap food? If you don’t, get the hell off my blog and out of Chinatown.

Prosperity Dumpling, located on 46 Eldridge Street (take the  B or D train to Grand St and walk toward Chrystie St. until you hit Eldridge),  has the best cheap food that I know of.  I was getting my lunch here every day when I was working in Chinatown this summer. It’s just so delicious and so cheap, there’s no way I couldn’t eat there at every given opportunity.

Note the A rating in the window

When I say cheap, I mean that two people can eat a filling meal here for under $10.  The most I ever spent on lunch was $3. I am not fucking kidding, look at this menu.

click to enlarge, those prices are no joke.

This isn’t really a place you can sit down to eat in, there are a few stools and counters against the walls but you’ll be better off taking your dumplings to the park across the street and eating it on the benches there. Normally they’re just used by people pouring the complimentary soy sauce and sriracha sauce  on their dumplings before taking them elsewhere. And the sriracha sauce doesn’t make the food taste good, it’s delicious on it’s own, it just makes it better.  Prosperity Dumpling is definitely a hole in the wall. But we don’t care about that, I’ll get to talking about the food.

They’ve got three wok’s running at all times, one for fried dumplings, one for boiled dumplings and one for a Chinese pancake (more on that latter).

Fried Dumplings (5 for $1) 

These are usually the quickest thing you can get. If they’re ready in the wok, you’ll get them right away, if not, you have to wait for them to cook. But really, how can anyone argue with that price?? They only offer pork/chive dumplings fried. These are delicious, when you bite into them, they are full of delicious juice that will fall out if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Boiled Dumplings

They use another wok to boil dumplings, they change the water out after each batch or so that’s ordered. You can get 10 pork/chive or pork/cabbage boiled for $2, 10 shrimp for $3 or 8 veggie for $2.50. All of these are delicious. The pork ones again have that delicious juice inside them. In some ways I prefer them to the fried ones, but you always have to wait for boiled dumplings. The veggie and shrimp ones are great too, but they’re less filing. I don’t understand how the veggie ones are more expensive than the meat ones, but they’re  still damn cheap. I’d say the veggie ones are my favorite. They’re probably vegan, but if you’re a crazy vegan you probably would want to avoid this place since they do boil the veggie ones in the same wok pork ones have been boiled in. If you’re vegetarian you should probably be fine with them.

Sesame/Chive Pancakes 

I have always meant to photograph one of these but I always eat them before I remember.  It’s not a normal pancake, it’s more like a piece of fried bread they make sandwiches with. You can get it plain ($1), with veggie ($1.25) or with meat and veggie ($1.75). I’m not sure if they use egg or not, so I have no idea if the first two options are vegan, they’re definitely vegetarian though. But if you’re not a veggie and are gonna go for the meat, don’t waste your money on the chicken or pork, get the peaking duck. It’s amazing. Not as filling as 10 dumplings, but it’s one of the more unique things you can get there that you can’t get anywhere else. This is also something you can get very quickly, unless they’ve run out of pancake slices. But they’re always making more pancakes so that’s not really an issue.

Frozen Dumplings 

Now if you find you love their food so much, but can’t keep trekking to Chinatown, they sell their dumplings frozen. On my last day of work I bought 50 veggie and 50 pork frozen ($20 combined) because I knew I wouldn’t be going back there for a while 😦  They taste good at home, but not as good as they do when you get them from the shop. Maybe they need to be boiled in a wok? Who knows? I’m not a culinary expert XD

In the End… 

The only downside to going to this place is that it will make you a cheap ass. I used to not mind spending $5-6 on my lunch, and not being completely filled up by it. Now it pisses me off. If I can get something so delicious and filling in Chinatown for $3, why should I have to pay twice that for a meal that won’t even completely rid me of hunger?  Also since going there I bought my own bottle of sriracha sauce and now I’ve been putting it on everything (pizza, sandwiches, potatoes, etc.), I think it may be developing into a problem. Oh, and this place dashed some of the hopes I had of going “more” vegetarian. I love their veggie dumplings the best, but I need two orders to be full and that’s $5…. I don’t want to spend $5 damnit!!

I give this place 4/5 stars. The reason it’s not 5/5 is because they don’t offer fried veggie dumplings. Also their pork buns aren’t that tasty. I don’t recommend them.


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  1. 1

    Scott said,

    Damn harsh reviewer, this is like your favorite place and only 4/5? XD

    • 2

      improperintegirl said,

      4/5 also for the negative effect on my life. like making me even more of a cheap ass, not being close enough to me, etc.

  2. 3

    I love looking at food blogs *drool* My favorite dumpling place was Joe’s Shanghai Dumplings which actually have a broth inside them. There is one also in Chinatown, but I went to the one in Flushing I think. I’ll have to check out this Prosperity Dumpling place too since Chive Pancakes are my FAVORITE.

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