Review: The Amazing Spider-man

Disclaimer: You should know I find problems with everything, but seeing as I’ve actually read these comics and am a die hard fan, you should expect me to find A LOT. I also think I did a pretty good job with keeping this spoiler-free.

Where do I even begin? I guess I will tell you what I enjoyed.

Stan Lee had the most awesome cameo ever. I love him. Also, they did a great job with the Lizard, and the Lizard was an excellent choice of villain. Flash Thompson was in this movie which I liked. They also get props for getting a skinnier guy to play Peter Parker. Also they fixed the problem the last movies had with the web-shooters. I’m not totally happy with it, but it is much more acceptable.

Now for all of my problems. And I’m not even going to touch scientific inaccuracies.

Problems With the Origin: 

I knew I would find problems, but I still had to see it because Spider-man. The *very* first thing I noticed were the liberties they took with his origin story. What was the most irritating was the “new” stuff they added in, and their rewriting of how Uncle Ben died. And of course they *had* to rewrite the spider bite. Because a nerd going to a museum to watch a radioactive laser by himself is too lame.

Problems with the Characters:

They got a smaller guy to play Peter Parker which was a plus, but they made him, well, hipster like almost. They made him a cool nerd that started off wearing contacts who’s into photography. There’s really no mention of him being into science, except for when he comes off as a “cool” techie.

Aunt May and Uncle Ben were crummy. The last two were better. They even had Uncle Ben slip in some liberal agenda about how if you have the ability to do good for others, you are morally obligated to do so. Ayn Rand disagrees.

J.J.J was completely absent.

In the first movies, it would have made more sense to use Gwen Stacy since the Green Goblin was the main villain. In this movie it would have made more sense to use Betty Brant because the Lizard was the villain. Goblin kills Gwen, Lizard kills Betty’s brother.

Problems With the Setting: 

In general, the movie didn’t have a strong New York City feel like the comics always did, but let’s talk about Queens.

Wherever Peter lived did not look like Forest Hills. Hell, they only even mentioned “Queens” once. In one scene he was riding the Q train home, that train does not go to Forest Hills, that train goes to Astoria. Yes, he could have transferred but given his state at the time I don’t think he was capable.I have always taken great pride that Spider-man hails from Queens and these idiots had to ruin that. It’s almost like he’s one of our local wackos, sort of like the Flushing Pimp (R.I.P), or that gay old rainbow guy with the poodles who shows up at every parade in the city, or the happy train man in Brooklyn, except that Spider-man is sane. Maybe that wasn’t the best example, but as those wackos are a part of the city, Spider-man is a part of the city in my heart. I am honored we are natives of the same borough.

I honestly do not think the people involved with making the movie came from New York, or were die hard fans of the comics, if they were, shit like this wouldn’t happen.

Problems With Everything Else:

I saw this movie in 2D, because 3D is stupid, but I could tell which scenes were supposed to be in 3D. Some of the action parts may have looked cool, but they went overboard with the 3D science hologram computers. Seriously, they aren’t that cool.

There was also a part of the movie towards the end that was *really* contrived. Won’t go into detail because it is a spoiler, but when you see it you will know because it’s really damn contrived.

And That’s it.

Now I’m just left with a hole in my heart, mourning the fact that they will never make a Spider-man movie set in 1963.


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  1. 1

    Scott said,

    It looks like it mite be good, I’m going to see it today

  2. 3

    Gah! I’ve missed so many of your posts since I’ve been on hiatus. >.<; On a more relevant note:

    • 4

      improperintegirl said,

      Thanks for that XD except I don’t agree with that last one… that facial expression was just stupid.

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