Review: Prometheus

I saw Prometheus this weekend. I was really excited for it. This movie is supposed to be the prequel to Alien, and I loved Alien. I also loved Alien vs. Predator and Predator. All of those movies were great.

I am sad to say Prometheus was not. The plot had a lot of potential, but it moved at a slow pace and was lacking good action scenes. It just wasn’t scary enough for me. And at times it felt a lot like a cheap version of Alien. It had it’s share of cool parts, but they weren’t tied together well. Which bring me to something else.

The movie’s “origin” story, creates inconsistencies with the movie Alien vs. Predator. In that movie, they say Predator had the alien aliens captive back in ancient times, bred them/incubated them in humans and hunted them for fun. But in Prometheus the story’s a bit different. I won’t go into detail since it’s revealed at the end of the movie.

Anyway, I’d give this movie 2.5/5. Maybe see it if you can get a cheap matinee, otherwise wait for it to come out on dvd.


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    Yikes. I was looking forward to this movie too 😦 Many friends said it sucked though, which is disappointing! Sadness for the start of summer movies.

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