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A Very Interesting Pumpkin

This story beings sometime last October. Halloween was approaching, and as is custom, we bring some type of small pumpkin to the cemetery to decorate the family plot. We left the pumpkin on top of the large headstone.

Christmas came, and the pumpkin was still there. And it wasn’t horribly rotten to our surprise, so we left it. We didn’t go back until Palm Sunday and were surprised to see that this huge tree with some crazy root system that had prevented anything from growing there for years was cut down. Then on Easter we planted stuff that needed sunlight to grow. Some of the ground had also sunk in. The pumpkin was still there. It was rotten by now, but you could only tell if you touched it. We filled in the place where the ground sunk in with some compost and the pumpkin.

We came back on Memorial Day, the flowers we planted were growing, but some other odd plant was there. Then we realized it was a pumpkin plant. Not wanting the cemetery workers to rip it out once it started sending its vine out, we dug it up and planted it at home. For a day or two I was worried it might not make it because it started wilting, but it picked back up and now it’s doing awesome.

We had to plant it in this ghetto space in front of my mom’s rose bush because the rest of the garden had already been planted with her tomatoes and cucumbers and beans.  Now I’m on a pumpkin growing craze and am a bit disappointed I didn’t do research on this earlier. Since the pumpkins are miniature they could’ve been trained to grow along a fence or trellis. This one’s vine can grow up to 15 feet, and we should get at least 6 pumpkins. Assuming those mother-f*cking vine borers don’t attack it. We already had a slug eat one baby pumpkin. I need to put slug poison out soon.

Above are pictures I took of the two largest babies yesterday and today. I counted at least five more little ones. I am so excited for this :D. In a few more weeks they should be fully ripened. I have no doubts they’ll last until Halloween with how long the parent pumpkin lasted.  I think these pumpkins are Lil’ Pump Ke Mons, but I won’t know for sure until they’ve ripened. If only I knew what I was doing I could cross pollinate and make all sorts of cool pumpkins!!

Now I feel like growing a giant pumpkin and naming it and entering it in a contest. Maybe in the future when I have my own yard.

This post is dedicated to my grandfather, who no doubt had something to do with starting that pumpkin plant 😀

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Review: Prometheus

I saw Prometheus this weekend. I was really excited for it. This movie is supposed to be the prequel to Alien, and I loved Alien. I also loved Alien vs. Predator and Predator. All of those movies were great.

I am sad to say Prometheus was not. The plot had a lot of potential, but it moved at a slow pace and was lacking good action scenes. It just wasn’t scary enough for me. And at times it felt a lot like a cheap version of Alien. It had it’s share of cool parts, but they weren’t tied together well. Which bring me to something else.

The movie’s “origin” story, creates inconsistencies with the movie Alien vs. Predator. In that movie, they say Predator had the alien aliens captive back in ancient times, bred them/incubated them in humans and hunted them for fun. But in Prometheus the story’s a bit different. I won’t go into detail since it’s revealed at the end of the movie.

Anyway, I’d give this movie 2.5/5. Maybe see it if you can get a cheap matinee, otherwise wait for it to come out on dvd.

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