Cosplay In Progress

Anime-Next is almost a week away.. and my cosplay is far from finished. I’m going as Korbo the Wisewolf of Yoitsu from the best anime ever, Spice and Wolf!

Doing the season 2 outfit because it looked like way less work than her season 1 outfit. For the top I decided to modify a pink v-neck top I bought for $1 (score!).

The shit was an XL, which was good because it gave me the length I needed, but bad because the neck was way too huge and the fabrics pretty thin. I took the shoulders in to shape the neck. It worked pretty well except now the sleeves are kinda messed up at the shoulders. It’s kinda hard to see in the picture below, but it folds in.. No idea how to fix it aside from cutting of the sleeve, re-shaping it and sewing it back on.

I still need to add purple ribbon to the back of the neck. 70% chance I’m going to make a fresh top with the fabric I bought for Comic-con in October.

I also realized a black pair of sweats I had would not work as the pants because they were too bulky. So today bought a pair of black yoga pants ($10.. blarg) that go to the bottom of my knee (that is the length of Holo’s pants in more of the pictures I’ve seen), not too crazy about them. I’ll return them if I find something better when I go out bargain hunting again tomorrow.

I have this horoble feeling that I’m going to be the most half-assed Holo ever. At least I’m not 500 pounds overweight XD


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  1. 1

    I would suggest to cut off the sleeves and sew them back on! 🙂

    • 2

      improperintegirl said,

      I’m terrified that if I do that they’ll come out really bad… I have no experience doing stuff like that XD

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