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Cosplay In Progress

Anime-Next is almost a week away.. and my cosplay is far from finished. I’m going as Korbo the Wisewolf of Yoitsu from the best anime ever, Spice and Wolf!

Doing the season 2 outfit because it looked like way less work than her season 1 outfit. For the top I decided to modify a pink v-neck top I bought for $1 (score!).

The shit was an XL, which was good because it gave me the length I needed, but bad because the neck was way too huge and the fabrics pretty thin. I took the shoulders in to shape the neck. It worked pretty well except now the sleeves are kinda messed up at the shoulders. It’s kinda hard to see in the picture below, but it folds in.. No idea how to fix it aside from cutting of the sleeve, re-shaping it and sewing it back on.

I still need to add purple ribbon to the back of the neck. 70% chance I’m going to make a fresh top with the fabric I bought for Comic-con in October.

I also realized a black pair of sweats I had would not work as the pants because they were too bulky. So today bought a pair of black yoga pants ($10.. blarg) that go to the bottom of my knee (that is the length of Holo’s pants in more of the pictures I’ve seen), not too crazy about them. I’ll return them if I find something better when I go out bargain hunting again tomorrow.

I have this horoble feeling that I’m going to be the most half-assed Holo ever. At least I’m not 500 pounds overweight XD

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Fabric Shopping Haul

So yesterday, Scott and I went to Jamaica Avenue to go fabric shopping. Stores in Manhattan were too damn expensive, and Corona/Jackson Heights has more polyesters and prints than solid cottons.  Needless to say it was an epic success, aside from being accosted by 40/50 something white people that wanted “a socialist alternative to Obama and Romney.” I really don’t understand why these people just don’t move to Canada or Europe and quit their bitching. Anyway, onto my haul!

The colors didn’t come out too well in the pictures I just took (with or without flash), but you get the idea. Anyway, details of our haul.

Maroon and pink cotton – $4 a yard, got it at a fabric store that was going out of business. Spent: $12

Ribbons – purple was $1 for 3 yards,  beige was $1 for 5 yards. Spent: $3

Fake Fur – $10 a yard. Spent: $10

Not pictured was a pink v-neck shirt I got for $1 that I can probably mod into Holo’s season 2 top if I have a panic attack trying to make it myself. Also not pictured was the awesome green corduroy Scott got for Lawrence’s vest (spent $3), and some matching thread (spent $1).

In total we spent around $30. Feels awesome. I still need to get some more matching thread, and some sort of white felt for the inside of Holo’s ears. Wasn’t gonna spend $10 on a yard of white furn when I need so little of it. I’m planning on painting those parts white or using white hair spray if I can’t find a small piece of white fur at a craft store or something.

Now the challenge is to churn out as much as possible in the next two weeks 😀

Edit: My ears should be done soon! Hell yeas!

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Top 5 Romances For People Who Don’t Like Romances

So I was thinking the other day about a lack of good romances out there. I’ve never been one to like romances, Nicholas Sparks movies put me to sleep, but when I do find a romance that I like, I really love it. So here we go!

5. The Phantom of the Opera (book, movie and play)

Now this isn’t a true romance, since Erik (the phantom) is somewhat of a psycho control freak (this shows way more in the books). Christine had something going on with that loser Raoul, but that’s unimportant. What makes the movie and play great is the songs, they’re very passionate and really make you feel, I only wish that they stuck more with the book’s story. The book makes you feel more for Erik, going into more detail about his past and about how no one ever loved him. This also isn’t totally about romance, there’s a revenge factor going on too.

4. Ghost (movie)

This movie is amazing in general, every time it comes on TV, I end up watching it. It’s more of a supernatural suspense than a romance, but it is a love story and extends love even after death, not just romantic love, but love in general.

3. Spice and Wolf (light novels, anime, manga)

I really love this story. The anime got me back into anime. It’s truly unique as far as animes go. Set in I couldn’t place it higher on the list because I haven’t finished reading all of the books yet. The anime ends at the fifth book (of seventeen) and the manga has barely caught up with the anime. Another reason it’s not higher up is because I’ve seen in the books that living for the present is a stronger theme than love. That could change down the line though.

2. Brokeback Mountain (movie)

I know the movie’s based on a short story, I haven’t read it but I’d like to eventually. This is number two for many of the reasons number one is number one. Nature wants them to be together but society doesn’t, and who can go wrong with Heath Ledger?? This movie did not win enough awards.

1. Wuthering Heights  (book)

This is the best book I was ever forced to read in school. I didn’t want to at first, I thought it would be a stupid romance, but it wasn’t. It was about passionate anger, revenge and love. It was about society driving people against nature, and what true love really was. It was all of these things on top of being beautifully written. It was full of so much pain and frustration, and you feel all of it. But that made the ending even more amazing. Nothing will ever be as good as this.

Just a side note, many movies have been made, but I couldn’t bare any of them. Heathcliff is always a white boy, when the book clearly says he’s dark. I think there was a recent rendition with a dark Heathcliff, but I don’t think it made it past the film festivals it was shone in.

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Hi! Just a quic…

Hi! Just a quick update to let you all know I’m not dead. I was having computer trouble. I’ll be back with an update eventually… I’ve got a ton of stuff for school to work on XD

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