End of Spring Break

I was an idiot this spring break. After Scott left for his camping trip I was all out of it. I did no school work at all until Friday. Finally felt like I got something done today. It wasn’t even that difficult. If I had done a little bit every day I’d have gotten way more done, and probably wouldn’t have felt like crap for most of the break.

All I really did was write some bad Spice and Wolf fanficition that the world will never see, draw comics about what I imagined Scott did on his trip (available on facebook), play with my dogs a bit, constantly check my cell phone to see if Scott contacted me… and nothing. I couldn’t even bring myself to play video games.

I think I partially got screwed over because on Thursday I was in work mode, but I hung out with a bunch of my friends after school. Had church on Friday, hung out on Saturday, church on Sunday… totally got me out of work mode. I could not bring myself to touch any of my books. At least I’m back in work mode now and got my top priority things done: lesson plan for tomorrow, assignments for my ed class, potential exam questions, and outline of what I’ll probably be teaching when they observe me this week.  I also have a big ass certification exam on Saturday.

I don’t want to go back, but I’m not dreading it as much I was when I wasn’t in work mode. I just need to get through this so I can get my damn certification, and have the most awesome semester ever next semester.

I’m taking two classes I need for my degree, and hopefully two more math classes for fun/to help prepare me for the masters program/getting a job that’s not teaching.


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