Start of Spring Break

I am so happy that my spring break is finally here.

So I started it off on Holy Thursday, I was a heathen and went out singing karaoke with my friends instead of going to my church’s potluck dinner/communion service.  I was good on Good Friday, I went to my church’s music service.

On Saturday I went out with Scott since I won’t get to see him for the majority of our break since he’ll be in the woods as part of his wilderness skills class. We visited the high line park on the lower west side.

I think this is supposed to be artwork...

It was pretty cool… although I can’t help but think the trees they planted up there won’t be able to do well in the long run. There was also some weird optical illusion sculpture that I didn’t photograph, I think it would have killed the effect. Then we got hungry and decided to get lobster rolls, at this not-so secret place.

...most delicious food ever

Now I’d be more than happy to share the name of this place, but they already have tons of great reviews… and I think its part of why their prices have gone up on the lobster rolls. If it wasn’t so late in the day we would’ve stopped by the museum afterwards, so we hung out in the park outside instead.

I had no other reason to post this picture besides to show off the awesome sunglasses I got at JC Penny that make me look like Jackie O, especially when I throw on a scarf or kerchief.

I was good again today and went to church. I’d have to say that Easter is my favorite holiday. My church has some of the best music on Easter, it also hasn’t gotten over commercialized like Christmas has. Plus if the resurrection never happened, there’d be no reason to even celebrate the birth.Spring also happens to be my favorite season… I really love the spring. But this year I’ve learned it’s not as amazing if you don’t have a bitch ass winter. Last year’s winter was *insane* we were practically living in a freezer, but then when spring finally came it was such an amazing relief.  I’m still happy it’s spring again, but it doesn’t feel as special.

Anyway, my mom was super awesome and got me a mini box set of a bunch of Beatrix Potter’s books.

I *loved* Peter Rabbit as a small child. I remember seeing the animations of some of her books on Nick Jr. back in the early 90’s. I think I have copies of Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny somewhere… but I had no idea there were so many other books. Or that they were first published in 1903.

I’ve read a few, and I love them all. Her illustrations are wonderful and all of the stories are adorable. Animals getting into mischief and then getting into trouble seems to be a common theme. I’m so happy with this, now all I need to do is find the Will Quack Quack books the cartoon of my childhood was based on… and a box set of the cartoon 😀

Happy Easter everyone 😀


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    Kirsten I love your sunglasses and Jackie O-esque styling! Very chic 🙂 I hope you have a fantastic Spring Break! You tots deserve some rest!

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