Review: 21 Jump Street and Wrath of the Titans

Review: 21 Jump Street

I hadn’t really been to the movies in a while and the other weekend Scott and I decided to see something. We decided on 21 Jump Street because it looked pretty funny and I had seen some of the original TV series.

The movie wasn’t really like the TV series at all. The TV show was more of a stupid teen show that has the ability to suck you in but in the end you still know that it’s stupid… kind of like a lamer version of Law and Order. The movie was stupid funny. It was almost as if it was about the cops from Superbad going undercover in a high school. Basically you have two guys who didn’t get along in high school (one was a nerd, one was a stupid cool kid) but afterwards they end up becoming cops and best friends. After screwing up as normal cops, they’re sent to work undercover, because they still “look young” (no they do not), and investigate drugs. I won’t reveal anymore but it’s super hilarious. It’s possibly one of the stupidest movies I’ve seen and I’d pay to see it again (matinee price anyway).

They even sort of paid tribute to the TV series in their own weird way. You wouldn’t be able to pick up on it if you haven’t watched it, but you’d still find those parts funny. Johnny Depp even made a cameo appearance 😀

awwwwww yeah, young Johnny Depp FTW!

For those of you that don’t know, he was in the original. He also hated being in it. He did crazy stuff like setting his underwear on fire on the set to get them to kick him out before his contract expired he hated it so much. I won’t reveal what exactly Johnny Depp does in the movie, but its completely unexpected.

I’d have to say the only thing I wasn’t crazy about was the excessive use of foul language. But other than that, it was awesome! It was even perfectly set up for a sequel… which I really hope they make.

Review: Wrath of the Titans


I didn’t see this in 3D, but even if I did it still would have sucked. This movie totally sucked. I didn’t think it would be great but I didn’t think it would fail as hard as it did. I cannot fathom how anyone would even be willing to finance this piece of garbage.

I won’t even go into the story because it sucked so hard and was inaccurate. I mean they made Chronos the bad guy, totally ignored that Hades was divided into 3 parts, that Hades wan’t a bad guy… and I’m going to stop now. But the inner Latin student in me was pissed. This movie would be great on Mystery Science Theater 3000 though. The best part of watching the movie was some of the jokes we were cracking during it, what you see in the poster is Perseus clearly using an electric attack on a ground type. Noob.


21 Jump Street is awesome. Go see it. Don’t waste your money on Wrath of the Titans, it sucks. Instead, see 21 Jump Street for a second time.


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