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Student Teaching Week 7

So I was at my new school this week.

It’s the almost polar opposite of the last school I was at. For starters it’s damn small. I have yet to meet another math teacher besides my cooperating teacher. At the last school I met tons of math teachers. Now I can talk to my new students other subject teachers to make things click across subject areas, but can’t talk to more math teachers to learn new ideas about teaching content. I think I preferred having more math teachers to talk with.

Last school was pretty much all test-prep with no focus on conceptual understanding at all. Now my teacher is all on conceptual understanding, but her way of teaching isn’t how I’d want to teach. She has the kids doing as much thinking as possible. I’d rather give them more hints and ask more specific leading questions. It’s really hard to describe. Teaching wise, I was in a super conservative school, now I’m in a super liberal school. I’ve realize I’m a moderate leaning towards liberal, when it comes to teaching styles anyway.

Now the periods are an hour long and there are no bells, the kids aren’t itching to leave 5 minutes before the period is over either. I’ve even overheard students saying that they wish the period was a bit longer because they wanted to finish their work.. not only that, they actually talk with each other about the work and help each other… almost all of them. I was totally shocked to see that. They’re also allowed to wear hats, which pisses me off. But they make a big deal about boys with their pants on the ground and kids wearing headphones, which I like.

I’m still annoyed that I’ll have to wait about another week before I can start teaching, but I’m glad I have the time to get my stuff together.. I’m just hoping that my professors don’t require me to stay longer than an extra week to make up for “observing” this week.

I’m also not being treated like a slave anymore. I have way more prep time.. the school is more laid back in general. However, if I have kids I still wouldn’t want to send them to this school. It just seems like they aren’t really being pushed, out of 4 classes only 1 is taking the regents. The last school felt like a mill, this one feels like a hippie school.

I’m not exceedingly happy, but I’m not psycho miserable like I was at the last school for the first 5 weeks. We’ll see how it goes.

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