My Belated Valentine’s Day

So Valentine’s Day was a bit over a week ago.  Since Scott and I were both busy at the time we went out last Saturday to celebrate.

First we went to see The Secret World of Arrietty. It’s Miyazaki’s newest movie based on the novel The Borrowers (which I never read). The animation was great, and most of the voice acting was pretty good. It’s basically about these little fairy like people, “the borrowers” who “borrow” things from the humans. They claim that they aren’t stealing because they take only what they need, but they’re totally stealing.  I mean you’re not going to notice or care if someone steals a sugar cube from you but it’s still stealing. I liked this movie and would recommend it.

It also reminded me a little bit of Roald Dahl’s book The Minpins. I recommend reading it. It’s an illustrated children’s book and a very quick read.

After the movie we walked to Veselka for pierogies.  We wanted to go there ever since trying some of their pierogies at the dumpling festival this September, going there was well worth it.  I got their take on a veggie burger, a beet burger. It’s made from lentils, beets and kasha… all things I love. This was the most interesting veggie burger I’ve ever had. It was really awesome.

Scott got their cream cheese and lox breakfast pierogies. They were so damn delicious. I cannot even describe how damn delicious these were. It was $10 for the plate. Totally worth it for the amount you get and the taste.

Scott also got a side order of latkes because he’s never had them, and I couldn’t let him go on like that.

All of the food was delicious, and our meal even came with complimentary sparkling water. I definitely hope to go back and try more of their pierogies.

While we were in the city we stopped at the Union Square Green Market and bought some apple cider because it’s damn delicious. We also checked out Paragon because I was told they had a lot of camping supplies. They did, that store is *huge*I even found a pair of boots with a triforce on them.

I can’t wait to go back there before we go camping this summer to stock up on supplies.

In other news, I don’t want this break to end. I started playing Asura’s Wrath and I started playing Pokemon again. Gotta catch ’em all. And by all I mean the first 252. The rest don’t really count except for a few cool ones here and there.


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  1. 1

    Scott Pool said,

    Yes that was a great day!

  2. 2

    Wait- you have a break? 😮 And that beet burger looks so colorful and delicious! I’d read The Borrowers when I was a kid, and have been meaning to see the new Miyazaki film because he never goes wrong with them. 😛 I just need to find time. >.<; I'm really excited to go camping with you guys this summer, too. The only thing that would deter me would be if I found a job right away after graduation and had scheduling issues. :<

    • 3

      improperintegirl said,

      Public schools have off this week, thus I get a break because I only have college classes one day a week!
      And if you are lucky enough to land a job right away you may be able to take a 3 day weekend.

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