I Finally Got My New Medicine

So roughly two months ago my doctor recommended I go on Humeria because the inflammation spread to my small intestine. My current medication only treated the large intestine. Why it took my insurance company two months to approve the medicine, only for me to end up getting Cimzia, I will never understand. I wish I could sue those imbeciles for pain and suffering because of the two times I got sick while waiting for the medicine.

Anyway, Humeria and Cimzia are two medications used for Crohn’s disease as well as arthritis and psoriasis. They stop the inflammation from happening and in my case, will prevent scar tissue from forming in my gut as a result which would cause a blockage, which would cause me to need surgery down the road.  I was unhappy about learning that they’re both injectable only but I was convinced that they’d be helpful to me. Today I got my first shots. They hurt a little but weren’t terrible. I wasn’t able to look at myself being injected let alone inject myself. Cimzia needs to come out with a pen. As far as side effects go, one of my legs was somewhat sore for a while, but it wasn’t terrible.

I’m feeling optimistic. My doctor says it’ll take a few weeks for me to notice if there’s a change.  He says every time he’s put Crohn’s patients on these drugs they normally call him back 6 weeks later saying they didn’t realize how sick they were because they’re so well now. I am so eagerly anticipating for that to happen.


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    Best of luck on your new medications. I hope you begin to feel much better soon 😦

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