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Well it’s back to school for me this week. I wasn’t productive over the break at all. Time for reviews of some stuff I saw and read and played over the break.


Anime: Steins;Gate

So Scott convinced me to watch another anime, I didn’t love this one as much as Spice and Wolf, but it was pretty damn good.

Steins;Gate is about different methods of time travel, I give them mega props for trying to explain the logic behind the time travel but I was still confused. Time travel will never make sense to me. But for what it’s worth the plot was really interesting. I had no idea what direction the show was going to go in and the ending really surprised me. I found most of the characters likeable overall, but there were still instances that annoyed me. I’d recommend watching it, the ending left me satisfied, even if it didn’t manage to distract me from Spice and Wolf.

Light Novels: Spice and Wolf 1 – (part of) 6

After finishing the Spice and Wolf anime, I was left wanting more. I haven’t gone in a craze like this since I was obsessing over Twilight Princess, and prior to that, The Lord of the Rings movies coming out. But the sad thing is, since all of the books have been released in Japan, I can’t go hunting on the internet for fandom like the others because I’ve learned the hard way that there are spoilers. So I bought the 5 books that have been translated into English. I found a fan group translating book 6 (because Yen Press is too damn slow with releasing them) and read all of what they posted.

The Pros: The books go into more detail with certain things than the anime does, especially with Lawrence’s thoughts both when he’s making deals and trying to figure out Holo. I also felt some of the trading stuff was a bit easier to understand, it’s explained in more detail and you can re-read anything if you don’t get it the first time.

The Cons: At times it feels like the translator (Yen Press only) doesn’t give that much of a damn, while other times it comes across great. In book 4 (which was not animated) they talk about poisoned rye, they were obviously talking about ergot but never called it ergot. They called it by some other name I’ve never heard of. I think they’re assholes and ditch the horse in book 6… I think. Yen Press is only releasing two novels a year… and there are 17 in total. This is unacceptable.

Movie: The Artist

I wanted to see this when it first came out, but it didn’t come to any theaters near me until it started getting nominated for awards. Anyway, The Artist is a silent film that’s about when talkies first come about and about how a famous talkie star falls while a new young actress rises to fame. It was a really interesting experience to watch a silent film, without anyone talking you find yourself looking for emotion in the actors faces and body movements, along with the music. The dog, Uggie, was by far my favorite part of this movie. I do not understand WHY he was not nominated for best supporting actor. He clearly deserves it more than any human. I highly recommend seeing this movie.

Game: Prince of Persia: Sands of Time (GCN)

I bought this game on a whim since it was only $10 (used) and I was interested in playing it for a while. It was a short game, but the game play and story were good. I really enjoyed it.  It’s probably the only time I’ve ever understood some concept of time travel. What I loved the most about this game, is that the more you progress, the more of the prince’s shirt comes off. Knowing this makes me pissed off that that didn’t happen in the movie.


So that’s all for now. I probably won’t be posting much since school’s starting up again.


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  1. 1

    My brother’s been raving about Steins;Gate for the past two days. I might just start it when I find time. 😛 And I don’t know what you’re talking about, reading and playing video games sounds pretty productive to me! XD

    • 2

      improperintegirl said,

      I could’ve been working on my resume… but I never did that >.< totally not productive.
      You should definitely watch Steins;Gate when you get the chance ^^

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