Review: The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword

I’d been waiting quite some time for this game. After finishing it this morning, here are my thoughts. Don’t worry, there are no spoilers, feel free to read it all.

Overall, this game is awesome and kicks major ass. I’ll start with the upside.

The storyline: It’s incredible. According to the official timeline this game is supposed to be the first. It explains a lot. Having played a number of Zelda titles, I had already come to some of my own conclusions and wasn’t completely surprised by somethings, but other things were completely mind blowing.

The new boss keys and boss battles: In previous games you’d normally just find the boss key and open the door, this game made use of the motion controls in an interesting way. This time around you find twisted sculpture things and have to flip them around to make them fit in the door.  They also made the boss fights more difficult which is a major plus. You can even redo boss battles later on in the game and completing the game once allows you to play the game again in hero mode. I haven’t played much in hero mode yet, but it seems that it’s a harder version of the main quest, much like Ocarina of Time’s Master Quest.


Groose: I was going to make a section for NPCs, but Groose is so damn awesome that he’s getting his own section. In short, he’s the best character ever. He starts off as quite a jerk but amazingly becomes very likeable as the storyline progresses. I’m really hoping that Nintendo gives him a spin off game. I mean who wouldn’t want to play The Legend of Groose??

We all know this was the real game.

He’s awesome and so is his hair. In fact, his pompadour even has a facebook page I highly recommend liking it.

Nintendo, I'm expecting you to make this a reality

The side quests: A lot of the side quests are pretty damn amusing. They introduce you to a number of likeable NPCs. A few of them even give you two options as to what you’d like to do, the best part is when they end up in awkward situations no matter which option you choose. I’d go into more detail but I said this review would be spoiler free.

The feel of other Zelda games: At times, it felt as though they were playing tribute to another Zelda title. The spirit realm parts felt a lot like being in the twilight realm, other parts had Ocarina of Time, Wind Waker and Spirit Track feels. I haven’t played enough of Majora’s Mask to say for myself but a friend tells me one side quest in particular was a throwback to part of Majora’s Mask.

David Bowie Demon Lord Ghirahim: As I mentioned in this previous post the (sort of) main bad guy totally looks like David Bowie/Ziggy Stardust. He may do creepy stuff with his tongue, but I found him hilarious… probably because he looked a lot like David Bowie. He gets more amusing as the storyline progresses.. and a lot more gay. Much like David Bowie. Well David Bowie’s true sexuality is shrouded in mystery.. I’m pretty sure Ghirahim’s is also.

As you probably know I can never like anything 100% without coming up with some sort of issue. Onto the downside.

The casualization: The first thing you notice is starting off the game with not 3 hearts, but 6, which is really ridiculous in my opinion. Later on you find a cheat sheikah stone, similar to the one they added into Ocarina of Time 3ds. Basically if you’re stuck at some point in the game it will show you what to do. What really bothers me is that they do stuff like this, but that now fairies only revive 6 of your hearts.  In addition if you die while fighting a boss and hit continue, you restart with 6 hearts and you wont get any of your potions or ammo back. It’s still better to save and restart the game.

The motion controls:  At times they’ve screwed up on me. When fighting certain enemies you need to swing the wiimote in a particular direction, even though I’d do this it wouldn’t register and he’d swing the sword the wrong way.

My anal story/timeline issues: Ok, they say Skyward Sword is first and then comes Minish Cap. This makes perfect sense and I wouldn’t disagree, except for one thing… watch Minish Cap’s intro and pay attention to the pictures.

Notice that the prior hero mentioned, who should be the hero in Skyward Sword according to the time line has NO HAT. Link in Skyward Sword has the famous green hat. Minish Cap explains the origin of the hat. I’m very pissed off that Nintendo didn’t even make Link’s hat fly off at the end of the game so that this part of the story would make sense. Nintendo, I’m really hoping the next game you make takes place in between these two games, and that the Link in that game does not have a hat.

The Music: Normally, I’d be raving about the music in a Zelda game. That’s not the case here. A lot of the music was crap and not memorable at all save what I believe is the game’s main theme. The only music they used from other games was the fairy fountain music. I was hoping for more of the old music to make more of a connection. Plus in Ocarina of Time, Zelda mentions that her lullaby has been in the royal family for generations, apparently it didn’t go back to Skyward Sword. Nintendo, I hope you explain the origin of Zelda’s lullaby in the game that takes places after Skyward Sword and before Minish Cap.

I highly recommend this game, despite all of my complaints. Play it for Groose, he’s the best. I want Scott to cosplay as Groose and myself to cosplay as Fi. We’ll identify ourselves as The Legend of Groose and be all the rage at comic-con this October.


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  1. 1

    Scott Pool said,

    Lol aagh yeah I still need to beat the game, I will soon dun worry.

  2. 3

    thedeviantgamer said,

    Wow. Great write up! I was so close to picking this game up the other day but realized I don’t yet have a motion plus add on and didn’t feel like digging up the cash for one….

    Hopefully when I get more cash and time, I’ll play through it.

    Again. Great review. 🙂

  3. 5

    Nice review! I’ve honestly never finished a Zelda game before (don’t kill me!) but I’ve always liked playing them. haha. I wonder how Nintendo looked over such a small, but important detail! I’m sure other fans noticed the hat thing. Also, if you & Scott decide to cosplay for Comic-con this October, please take pictures and tell me XD

    • 6

      improperintegirl said,

      You need to finish at least one! You’ve never had the experience of a heart-warming bittersweet Zelda ending that keeps you coming back for more.
      The ending of Spirit Tracks is especially adorable from what I remember XD

  4. 7

    If it’s not too much trouble, could you link back some where to the original art for the legend of groose painting: ?

    Thanks ❤

  5. 9

    Tom Hyland said,

    *Spoilers below*

    I thought you should know, Zelda’s lullaby does go back to this game, and is more involved with her family than she implies later. The Ballad of the Goddess, arguably Zelda’s theme in this game, *is* Zelda’s lullaby played backwards. Look it up on youtube. It fits perfectly, as after all, it’s implied that further incarnations of Zelda also share the spirit of the goddess Hylia.

    That said, I totally agree with your point on the difficulty. If this game was about twice as hard, the experience would have been dramatically improved, imho.

    (I’m guessing that the hatless Link will remain in legend only, as I couldn’t see Nintendo making a hatless Zelda game. 😛 Definitely happens in between, since there’s no Picori here anyway.)

    • 10

      improperintegirl said,

      I know that it was played backwards, what confuses me is how it ended up getting reversed and passed down in the royal family as the forward version of Zelda’s lullaby.

      I also sadly doubt Nintendo will ever make a hatless Link. I was just hoping his hat would’ve flown off during the battle with Demise or when he was on the surface at the end or something. It just makes me sad for them to get rid of Ezlo as being the origin of the hat. I really liked Ezlo…

  6. 11

    Bethan Goodwin said,

    It was a good game to play but I agree with what you said about the motion plus I hated trying to stab moldarach and instead I’d just be spinning my sword wasting my stamina

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