As a Bzzagent, I get to try out new products and services for free or at a discount. Most recently I was invited to try out Smarterer, a website that features quizzes on all sorts of things like facebook, wordpress, twitter, bzzagent and even advanced mathematics! Just to let you know this website is free for everyone, so you have no reason not to give it a try.Here are my top scores.

The way it works is you answer questions on the topic of your choice and you are awarded points for getting correct answers and you loose points for getting incorrect answers. You’re timed and the faster you answer correctly the more you improve your score. But that’s not the only way to earn points, you can also add questions to a quiz. You earn more points if other users rate your questions as being worthy and based on how difficult other users find them.

After you’ve taken some tests you can put up to five scores on a badge (like mine above) and post it onto your blog or even a resume. It’s great for resumes if you do well on tests for software in your job field like MS Word, Excel, Power Point, SolidWorks, Auto CAD and even programming languages. You can post individual scores to your twitter of facebook account once you’ve linked them with your smarterer account.

I really recommend trying this website out. I had no idea at how much I didn’t know about software and websites I had been using forever like MS Word and Facebook. Just taking the quizzes and seeing the right answers helped me learn more about what I could do with them. The only down side is that I can’t go back and re-answer those questions to improve my score. I can only answer new ones or add more questions.


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    Wow this is really interesting. Is it like an aptitude test for various computer programs? You bring up a good point about being able to put it on resumes. Many people list skills on their resumes, but there is no way of knowing how well they can use those applications.

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      improperintegirl said,

      You should give it a try, they also have bogus/just for fun tests there too. But the one issue with putting it on a resume is the potential employer having no idea what smarterer is. But I honestly never knew I failed so hard at technology until I took a few of these tests.

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