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Nintendo, I am Disappoint

So today Nintendo was promoting the launch of their newest Mario game, Super Mario 3D Land (in stores everywhere tomorrow), in Times Square. It sounded promising and awesome. I read online that there would be warp pipes, coin jumps, free mushroom pizza and other awesome things of the sort, in addition to free tanooki ears and tails. I decided to go.

I regret my decision. Here is why.

a lot of people and almost NO organization

There were a ton of people. I was expecting that. A lot of them were from New Jersey (judging by the street passes I got), but I’ll put that aside. Nintendo, why did you not have barriers or ropes or some means of organizing the lines? So many people were unknowingly cutting in addition to the jerks that knew exactly what they were doing.  BARRIERS WOULD HAVE PREVENTED THIS!!!

Another option would be to give the last person on the line a sign to hold up that says they are last on line. Many booths at NYC Comic-Con did that, why couldn’t Nintendo do it here? Possibly the biggest piece of evidence that this was totally disorganized was the fact that behind me online there was a guy with his two kids who said he had been there since 8am. I was there since 9:58. Why hadn’t they had a chance to go on the obstacle course already??Not to mention we had been standing in the third row of the line in roughly the same area for at least a half hour. When we were in the back of the line it was moving at a reasonable pace.

The most amusing thing to happen was seeing this lady obviously cut to the front of the line and start a fight with another woman who accused her of cutting. The woman who cut maintained that she was not cutting, yet she was standing on line. She proceeded to curse out the woman and another man that was trying to calm her down, in front of many small children. The event people got security to make her leave. There were also some Marios doing flips and what not, but it was hard to see them while in the huge ghetto line.

Around 11:30 I noticed that people going on the rides were doing so without tanooki ears and tails and assumed that they had run out. That was when Scott and I decided to leave.  Also the free mushroom pizza had no cheese on it, it was just mushrooms and tomato sauce and I wasn’t able to get any since I can’t access the internet or twitter on my phone. But the pizza was free, not like you should have high expectations of it anyway.

Nintendo, I am disappoint.

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