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My Laptop is Back!!

So over a week ago my laptop refused to turn on. I gave it to Scott who kindly took it apart, cleaned it and tried to make it work again. He could not. The problem was what I, a computer lay-person, thought it was initially and not what my computer wizard boyfriend thought it was initially. I thought it was my dead battery that could no longer hold a charge. Scott thought it was the mother board or internal power supply, until he looked at it and talked to a fellow techie, who said it probably was the battery.

So I bought a new battery. It came the other day and my lap top is back 😀 My only issue is that it takes a while for the lights to go on once you press the power button.

Being without my laptop did wonders for me. It made me realize how computer addicted I was and how much procrastination having my own personal computer allowed me to do. I was still able to get school work done at home and at the computers at school. But I’m still happy to have my laptop back. The End 🙂

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