My Blog Needs a New Name

If you haven’t noticed I changed my blog title to “Of Math And Other Awesome Things,” since well, I’m not one to ever write serious papers about education. Education paper suck. They can have good ideas but I do not enjoy reading them at all. In the end it just boils down into politics and debate and that’s something I’ve never been into. I don’t write about math that much either… I need a new blog name. I’m also starting to doubt if I really should be a teacher since I like math more than education. I mean really I don’t feel like writing about educational theory and shit. I’d rather come up with a few ideas for lessons and ask my professors what they think, or sit and observe good teachers and take notes. I hate all of the philosophy and theory that goes into it.

My rant aside, I have decided that I need to come up with a new name and am totally up for suggestions. Right now my only idea is  “sqrt(-1)^2 : it just got real”  but it doesn’t look as cool without the math symbols XD



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    I really like the math symbols one! 🙂 I’ll brain storm and think if I can help you out. I’m also getting bored with my own blog. I think a makeover will inspire me to write again haha.

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