Having A Kindle Would Make My Life Easier

Alright Bzzagent, I’ve decided to give your new way of getting into campaigns a try!

Here’s my story, I’m a commuter college student. Pictured below are all of the books I’m using this semester (minus one that has yet to arrive in the mail) and one novel that I am reading for fun.

That's about 6.5 inches of books


They weigh roughly 10 lbs.

As a commuter I need to carry my books around at times; not all of them at once, but it does get annoying. When I’m working on homework assignments or studying they take up a lot of space next to my laptop and notebook on the table. These are things I’ve learned to live with, but the main reason I want a Kindle is because of big books like Atlas Shrugged. I don’t take that book around with me because of it’s massive size. When I do read it, it’s bulkiness makes it awkward to hold. I’d love to have it fit into something as small as a kindle! Plus I feel bad for the trees that get killed just so I can buy a book and read it once or twice.

If I had a Kindle, overtime I would buy kindle versions of all the large books that I want to read. Believe me, I have quite a list. As far as text book purchases, I would be happy to have another option. With newer books I’d still rent, or buy and sell them back to amazon.com for credit because the deal is normally halfway decent. However with books that aren’t very recently published, or the new edition is set to come out within months, the sell back prices are horrible.  I would rather buy Kindle editions of these and not feel bad about killing trees!


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    Scott said,

    I like the clever use of pictures, if you had a kindle things would be a lot easier for you..

  2. 3

    Omg I have been thinking of this lately too! I feel in the mood to read a book I realize A) I do not have it with me in my apt (ie in NY somewhere, need to find it in library or with a friend, buy in store) or B) I have to lug more items with me than I already do. I really wanted to get one to see if I could down load some scientific journal articles or magazines to read on the side as well >.< I also hear that the kindle is the better e-reader when compared to the nook.

    • 4

      improperintegirl said,

      My main reason for not getting one is how much it costs, combined with the fact that you then have to pay for book.. and that you can’t trade in copies of books you already have for e-versions. But I didn’t make it into the campaign… I should have made a video >.<

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