Back To School Next week

So I quit my job at the movie theater a while ago. I’m pretty glad I did. It had awesome fringe benefits (free movies, free movie posters, free popcorn), but it came with a downside. That downside being the stupidest customers ever. People who don’t know what they want to see and want *you* to decide for them, people that bitch when you ID them for R movies, immigrants who can’t speak English and make almost NO effort to do so and the shitty parents who have no problem taking their 5 year olds into R-rated movies (specifically The Hangover). Plus this job killed my summer, I didn’t get the chance to prep for any of the exams I wanted to and I never got driving lessons.

Next semester I’ll be student teaching 6th graders. I’m looking forward to it, but I have a feeling I won’t have a life since education classes require papers. I’m also taking two math classes, Euclidean Geometry and Abstract Algebra.  The Geometry professor is the best professor ever according to everyone. Likewise, according to everyone Abstract Algebra is the *worst* class ever no matter who you take it with, but I made sure to take it with the best prof out of the three who teach the class.

I also had the most alcohol I’ve ever had in my life in the past two weeks (and it wasn’t much). A bit more than half a normal serving of mead (at the Renn Faire) and about 3/4 of a beer. Having Crohn’s Disease I was warned against drinking alcohol by the internet, but my doctor told me that you need to live your life and as long as I didn’t go too extreme I should be fine. I had no problems with the mead, it was awesome! However, I am *never* drinking beer again. Even the alcohol free kind. NEVER EVER AGAIN. It made me puke, get the runs, have chills and left me with stomach pains that days latter still showed up on occasion.

So upon doing research I discovered that a good number of people with Chrons or Colitis are ok with wine but not with beer. One study claims that its based on the sugar content of the drink, but I was fine with the sweet mead. I think its because beer is heavily yeasted. When I was looking up how wine and beer were made, the first recipe ever found for beer included throwing in bits of undercooked bread to act as a yeast (since they had no real yeast back then). The first recipes for wine only consisted of letting smashed grapes sit long enough. These days yeast is added in the wine making process, but way less than is added in the beer making process (which is a much more confusing process).

I’m a bit saddened at this, since I did enjoy the taste of the beer I had and was looking forward to trying a legit German beer or going to an Oktoberfest. But then again I’m thankful I could tolerate the mead since many people with Crohn’s can’t tolerate any alcohol period. Mead is the true drink of my ancestors anyway, though I will never be able to truely enjoy a hofbrauhaus 😦 I never even had the desire to get drunk… I just want to have one beer with a German meal and fellow Germans and Germans at heart :D. Who knows it might happen in the future if I can go into remission long enough, or in the future should I decide to get pregnant and my Crohn’s goes away while I am pregnant I can drink sometimes. And don’t bitch about what I just said. One glass of wine will not hurt a baby. Both of my grandmothers smoked, drank and took medication while pregnant with my parents, aunts and uncles and all of them turned out fine, except one of my uncles having been born with kidney problems.

All of that aside I both want to and don’t want to go back to school right now. But I am looking forward to the fall, Halloween, comic-con and Thanksgiving. I also think I’ll enjoy student teaching. The main thing I’m worried about is the fact that the girl I was paired with for the fall semester doesn’t speak English too well, and we have to write joint papers together. I’ve been able to work with people who were still learning English in the past well enough, but speaking English and writing in English and two very different things. I already know I’m going to be the editor all the time. Not something I’m happy with.

I’ll end with a picture of something I’d love to do to an honors class on April Fools day. (Wouldn’t do this to a normal class out of sympathy for the slow kids).


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    Scott said,

    That type of trick wouldn’t work with me :P. I would overlook my test once perhaps, but overall I’m the type of person that absolutely does not go back to change answers. I would say 80% of the time when I change an answer I change it to a wrong one.

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