Winnie The Pooh, Horrible Bosses and Captain America

Time for another movie post!

Winnie The Pooh was a fairly cute movie. It was also pretty short being slightly longer than an hour. I think this movie would be awesome for little kids. Parts of it amused me but I found that other parts kind of dragged on. Basically the movie consists of Eeyore losing his tail, everyone thinking a monster has kidnapped Christopher Robin and Winnie the Pooh wanting honey.

In short, Horrible Bosses was hilarious and I liked it better than The Hangover. The premises was really funny, I mean the bosses in this movie were really really bad. I loved all of the acting, Jamie Foxx and Kevin Spacey in particular were awesome. My only complaint was that they didn’t need to swear as much as they did in that movie. I mean it may have even gotten away with being PG-13 if they cut out some of the swearing. I’ve noticed this is something they like to do more and more in R rated comedies, they’re funny, but to me its always a sign of a lack of creativity when they throw in tons of swear words.

Moving on to Captain America. I enjoyed this movie, but as always I have my complaints.

Complaint #1: Bucky was supposed to be a kid not a grown man (I admit that I did not read the comics, but this is one thing that I know and my inner comic book geek is slightly pissed)

Complaint #2: I wanted to leave the movie with a strong feeling of patriotism. I did not leave the theater with the feeling I wanted.

Complaint #3: Not enough shots of Captain America’s behind, though no women were exploited in this film so I do suppose they were being fair.

Complaints aside, the costumes were great. I could easily see the costumes in that movie looking really tacky, but they fit the 1940’s feel perfectly. The other thing I loved in this movie was Hugo Weaving’s portrayal of Red Skull.  Though I wish they had just kept him as a Nazi and didn’t do all of that crap to tie the Captain America story into the Thor and Iron Man stories. I get that they wanted to do that to make the upcoming Avengers film make more sense, but I wanted to see Nazis getting their butts kicked. What I’d really have loved is to see Captain America kill Hitler. Oh well, at least I have Inglorious Basterds for that. I’d still recommend this movie though. Just don’t go in wanting to feel all pro-America afterwards and stay for the Avengers trailer at the end of the credits.


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  1. 1

    Scott Pool said,

    Aww, I’ll have to see Horrible Bosses when it comes out on DVD. Dunno if I’ll see captain america either, maybe I’ll go a weekday with john so I can get in for free :].

    And yeaaaah I felt like such a kid watching Winnie the Pooh!

  2. 2

    Awww I totally want to see Winnie the Pooh and heard Horrible Bosses was pretty funny 🙂 I actually liked Captain America quite a bit just because I didn’t have such great expectations for it. I absolutely adore Hugo Weaving. I thought he was more frightening with Hugo Weaving’s face and not the actual Red Skull haha.

    Glad to see you are enjoying some perks of your job 🙂

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