Bourbon Street

As a member of MyPoints, I earn points for buying things online, taking online surveys,  and being a good bzzagent. I can then redeem the points I’ve earned on a huge selection of gift cards! Most recently I got myself a $25 gift card for, which I then used to get a $25 gift certificate for a restaurant that I’ve always seen in Bayside but have never ventured into until now, Bourbon Street.

Bourbon Street has a mardi gras theme and appropriately serves cajun and southern dishes. There were beads on all of the tables and for the most part they were playing good 80’s and 90’s music. The prices on their entrees are a bit expensive, but we had the gift certificate and I was assuming the stuff had to be good since that place has been around for along time in addition to being on the Zagat list.

I ordered the Pesto Crusted Salmon in Puff Pastry and Scott ordered the Blackened Catfish. Our entrees came with salads and our choice of fries or mashed potatoes. We both went with fries.

I liked that they put the dressing on the side, it helps if you’re being mindful of how many calories your taking in. It gives you the option of pouring it all over you salad or dipping each forkful into the little cup.

Scott's Blackened Catfish

My Grilled Salmon

Scott really loved his catfish dish. I tried some and it was too spicy for me, but Scott loves spicy things so he made the right choice. His dish also came with a corn muffin that was delicious. It had to have been freshly baked because of how good it was.

Now, they actually sent me the Grilled Salmon by mistake instead of what I ordered, but I didn’t realize until I ate about half of it that I ordered the other salmon dish. Had I noticed right away I would’ve said something, but the grilled salmon was awesome. I really loved the fried spinach it came with, I never had fried spinach before. It had the same texture as seaweed, but the taste of baby spinach. It was awesome. The zucchini was also cooked really well. I’ll also add now that when we got our bill they charged us for the grilled salmon rather than what I had originally ordered, which is a good thing as the grilled salmon was a few dollars cheaper.

Since I didn’t finish my salmon, I took it home. The next day I used it to make the BLT I had for dinner extremely awesome.

lettuce, bacon, salmon and spinach on toasted bread

Overall I’d have to say that I really like this place and would love to go back. However, if I didn’t have the gift certificate, I probably would have  just ordered a salad or pasta dish since those are way more affordable than their entrees.


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  1. 1

    Recently, I’ve had several Mardi Gras themed dreams. XD And I’m a sucker for seafood, too – perhaps I’ll check out Bourbon Street sometime! 😀 I have enough points to redeem a $25 gift card at any clothing store they offer, but I don’t want to yet in case the mail gets delayed and I’m already back at school. :X

    • 2

      improperintegirl said,

      If you use the code SUN you can get a $25 gift certificate for $2. It may not be free but it is dirt cheap. I’m not sure how much longer that’s going on though, if you’d rather save up your points for a clothing gift card.

  2. 3

    Scott Pool said,

    Oh neat, I didn’t know that you made a sandwich out of your salmon. I just took the catfish and microwaved it :P.

  3. 5

    Hohoho!I love spicy cajun food 😉 Scott’s catfish & your salmon look amazingly delish! Nice leftovers trick you did there 😀

    P.S. when is the start date for your school again?

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