Edible Trends That I Hate: Cupcakes and Seedless Watermelons

Recently there have been so many damn reality TV shows about cupcakes and I’ve seen more and more cupcakes polluting bakeries recently. There are even bakeries that specialize in cupcakes. You may think I’m a psycho for hating cupcakes but I have a logical reason for hating them.

Cupcakes have too little cake with too much frosting. I’ve never been a fan of frosting, ever. Plain cupcakes or ones with a minimal amount of frosting or a sugar glaze are ok, they’re essentially a small piece of cake. But the ones with gobs of frosting on them in some cutesy design are the ones I hate. They’re awkward to eat because of it. Plus the frosting takes away from the cake, it doesn’t add to it. They’re never as filling as a piece of cake either. Cupcakes are stupid and I don’t understand why so many people are obsessed with them. Specialty cupcake bakeries are inefficient as well, way more effort goes into making cupcakes than making actual cakes.

Moving on to seedless watermelons. The point of seedless watermelons was to be able to eat your watermelon without having to spit out seeds. I can’t say that’s a bad idea, except for the fact that it doesn’t work. Seedless watermelons are not *seedless* rather they are full of underdeveloped seeds that are more difficult to pick out than normal seeds. Yes, you can just eat the small seeds, but that’s not my thing. What pisses me off the most is that its so hard to come across normal watermelons in stores these days.

Go ahead and disagree with me on these issues and call me a psycho, I just needed to vent 😀


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  1. 1

    Absolutely agree with you on cupcakes. That much icing doesn’t make me enjoy the cake more, it just makes me sick.

  2. 2

    Scott Pool said,

    I love the frosting but respect your opinion. Though I agree that too much on a cupcake makes it stupid hard to eat it. You either eat it from the side and get frosting on your nose, or lick the frosting off which is nasty by itself and makes you feel like you just ingested too much sugar.

  3. 3

    Personally, I enjoy cupcakes because they’re the perfect serving size. If there were a whole cake in front of me, I’d be tempted to eat it all. XD And about the frosting, it depends on if it’s tasty. Sometimes, it’s just too sickeningly sweet!

    • 4

      improperintegirl said,

      That’s why you buy a slice of cake instead of the whole cake… with slices of cake the distribution of frosting, filling and cake is way more even and consistent than with cupcakes.. the only frosting I really like is whipped cream, or butter cream, but not gobs of butter cream.

  4. 5

    Agree with the cupcakes. Though I made some today, without icing. I just dug out the middle, filled it with banana, topped with whipped cream and then put the crumbled up insides on top. So, they were just like little cakes and not horribly sweet. However, I would prefer cake any day!
    I cannot stand those decorative cupcakes. I end up picking off the frosting/stupid shaped decoration/over sized stupid flower and eating the cake.
    I want to give my cupcakes to the kids down the road….they told me they like them:)

    Agree with seedless watermelon as well. Watermelons are supposed to have seeds and they should be black and crunchy!

  5. 7

    Liv said,

    I love brownies…. why can’t that be a thing… “Oh Brownie, My Brownie!” (I think I just came up with a cupcake counter part).

    I enjoyed your article!

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