Bad Teacher Review

When I first saw previews for this movie, I thought it would be bad. I thought it would be another vulgar comedy spewed out of whatever the hell Hollywood “thinks” the lives of teachers are like. I also had in my mind that whoever decided to make this movie needed to be slapped because of all of the shit teachers are dealing with now. After all the news makes teachers seem like the bad guys and I feel that a lot of people don’t have much respect for teachers and just see them as people with low-level jobs who don’t have to work hard because they get the summers off.

Another reason I didn’t want to see it is because I don’t like Cameron Diaz or Justin Timberlake. On talk shows she comes off as a complete ditz and he comes off as an asshole.

Anyway, since I work at a movie theater I had the option to walk in on this movie for about 20 minutes during one of my breaks. I did so out of curiosity. The first time I walked in on it, it met my expectations of being Hollywood’s dumb idea of what teaching is. The second time I walked in on it, it was insanely hilarious. In short, I saw Justin Timberlake jizz in his pants. It made me decide to see this movie for free.

After seeing this movie, I have to say that it was pretty funny although 90% of the shit that went on in the movie would have landed all of the teachers in the rubber room. I mean they had teachers casually using drugs in the gym during a school dance and *not* get caught. There are always roaming kids at these events, I doubt that no one would’ve caught them. There were several instances where they were being not politically correct. If teachers aren’t politically correct at all times, they’ll have so much shit thrown at them its not even funny. Then there was the part of the movie where Cameron Diaz is being a total skank at the school car wash. I was told that as a student teacher, I can’t wear low-cut tops or tight clothing. Seriously, the crap they did in that movie could never fly in the real world. I could only see it ending in sexual harassment lawsuits, drug lawsuits and the rubber room. They also cast math in a negative light in one part of the movie, with no math teachers present to defend it.

Despite everything I said, this movie was pretty funny. And even though I can’t stand Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake when they’re not acting, they both did a good job in this movie. In particular Justin’s character was extremely pathetic in a super hilarious way… I have trouble putting it into words almost. A lot of the other actors in the movie were also really funny.

In the end, I liked this movie but I’m glad I got to see it for free since it did partly bother me and since I don’t like Diaz or Timberlake. I’d say that it was funnier than Hangover 2, since its focus was more on comedy than the shock factor. It’s a good movie if you’re looking for a few laughs, but please keep in mind that practically all of the nonsense that takes place is that movie would *never* fly in the real world.


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    Scott Pool said,

    Yeah I enjoyed this movie more than the Hangover 2 as well. Though I think I would put the Hangover 1 over this one. Sequel rule.

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    […] of my friends the other day at the College Point Multiplex! Kirsten wrote a more in-depth review here on her blog. : ) To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much from the movie from the beginning. In fact, I was […]

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