The Comfy Cone

Recently my dog Zelda had eye surgery because she was suffering from entropia. Basically entropia is when the eye lids turn in and cause irritation, it can cause a lot of problems if it isn’t treated. Full on surgery can be avoided if you catch early signs of it occurring in puppies. Zelda had all of these signs but we didn’t know. Entropia is hereditary and dogs with this condition should not be bred, this is not something puppy mills care about and another reason you should not get your dog from a pet shop but rather from a breeder, breed rescue or shelter.

Now onto the main part of this post, the comfy cone! The comfy cone is like a normal cone for a dog after they’ve had surgery, only this one is made of foam padding covered in fabric to help the doggy be more comfortable during their recovery.
We got this cone for Zelda before her surgery for two reasons:

1. She absolutely *hates* the traditional e-collar/cone of shame/idiot collar. The times she had it on her she became paralyzed with fear and was acting completely traumatized, as if it was the worst possible thing we could ever do to her. She wouldn’t hear or pay attention to anything else. Just stand or sit still staring into a void as if she were completely traumatized. Those times we took the collar off and for the most part she was good (we also kept close watch on her) and didn’t lick or bite at her stitches.

2. Now that she was having eye surgery, we knew she would not be as good this time around. She couldn’t bite at stitches in her eyes, but could easily scratch at them with her foot, something she does all of the time.

By some miracle my mother heard about the comfy cone from our neighbor and we decided to give it a try. Zelda isn’t crazy about this cone, but she doesn’t act the way she does with a normal cone. She’s almost like her normal self most of the time. It helped that we gave her treats while putting it on her and took her on walks while wearing it before she had her surgery also. We wanted to work in some positive associations with the collar. She can also comfortably lay around in this collar! Another good point is that the collar is fairly inexpensive, Zelda’s was only about $15 (her surgery on the other hand was a lot more but that’s a whole different story).

Right now Zelda has no objections!

There are only two things that I dislike about this collar. The first is the fact that velcro is what is used to keep it shut. It’s fine for the most part… but I think Zelda has realized she can get the cone to come off by running against a doorway. The other thing I don’t like is how small the elastic loops at the base are. I believe they were meant to fix the problem of the velcro breaking apart, but the loops are no where near big enough for her collar so we can’t use it.

Overall I’d give the comfy cone a 4/5. I recommend it to anyone with a dog who can’t stand the traditional e-collar!


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  1. 1

    I’ve always felt bad for dogs who have to wear the traditional stiff cone. I can only imagine how uncomfortable it is! D: It’s good that you and your mom heard about the comfy cone. 🙂 I wish Zelda a quick recovery! Hopefully, she won’t find a way to consistently get it off. ~.~

    • 2

      improperintegirl said,

      Luckily she isn’t constantly taking it off, but it tends to come off because she runs around a lot and the collar bangs into things. In a little more than a week she’s going back to the vet to get her stitches out ^^

  2. 3

    Scott Pool said,

    aww that looks like a good alternative. Yeah I would be frustrated too if I was forced to wear a cone around my head after any type of surgery XP

  3. 5

    Zelda looks so happy with the Comfy Cone! Boo to the Cone of Shame >:)

    • 6

      improperintegirl said,

      Well she isn’t really “happy” just not super miserable traumatized. She prefers to have it off, or to see me wear it… that seems to make her think I want to play XD

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