Bridesmaids and X-Men First Class

Time for me to review two “older” movies that I saw a while back and forgot to review!

I’ll start with Bridesmaids. It was hilarious. The best way I can describe this movie as it being a lot like Mean Girls, only they’re in their 30’s instead of in high school. There’s a lot of incredibly well written hilarious dialog paired with great acting. I wish I could go into more detail but I don’t want to spoil anything. I totally recommend this movie!

X-men was amazing. This movie was about two hours long and I wasn’t bored during *any* of it. Their was either action, or really good acting paired with great writing. I can’t think of any actors that sucked in this movie, they were all great. Like every comic book movie they weren’t true to the original story line in a number of ways, but I still really liked this movie. If it wasn’t this well done, trust me, I would be on a rant about how it disgraced the comic by deviating from the story.

The next two movies on my list to see are Transformers 3 and Bad Teacher! Expect reviews of them to be up in a week or two!


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    I want to hear what you think of Bad Teacher! I’m so glad you liked X-men First Class though 🙂 I absolutely love that movie! Magneto is my fave haha.

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      improperintegirl said,

      I’ve actually seen a little bit of Bad Teacher on my breaks, one part was insulting to me as a future teacher, the other part was hilarious. I’m just glad I’m not paying to see this movie, or else I’d definitely have bought a bootleg or gone to the $5 theater XD

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