The Hangover: Part Two and Green Lantern

So now that I work at a movie theater, I get 4 free movie tickets each week. This week I used my passes with Scott to watch The Hangover: Part Two and Green Lantern.

Hangover 2 wasn’t as good as the first one, but the monkey made up for that. Basically, every part in the movie with the monkey and/or (Chow) the Asian guy from the first Hangover was hilarious. However, this move was really pushing the limits of being rated R. In that respect it was *worse* than the first one. In short there were she-males and they showed *everything* I also feel like it was set up for a sequel in a few ways, but I have no idea how they could possibly make the next one nastier than this one.

I was  glad to learn that the monkey never actually smoked in the movie. The cigarette was ceramic and the smoke was created by special effects/cgi people.  I also learned that the monkey’s real name is Crystal and that she’s been in a number of movies. She even attended this movie’s premier in an adorable pink evening gown! The monkey and Chow definitely make this movie worth it.

I’m sad to say that Green Lantern was not as good as I expected it to be. I feel that Ryan Reynolds was just picked to play Hal Jordan because they wanted a pretty boy. I admit that I never read the comics, but my inner comic book geek felt that he was a bit off. And if they did pick him because they wanted a pretty boy they completely failed when it came to showing off his ass.

Over all, the movie looked great and I imagine that it would’ve been really cool in 3D (which I didn’t see because it normally makes me dizzy) but the ending felt rushed and there wasn’t enough character development. Then I found out from a friend of mine who’s #1 favorite comic is Green Lantern that they (as they always do) took the butcher knife to the comic’s original story line in a number of ways. In the end I’m glad I didn’t have to pay to see this movie and if I did pay it only would’ve been worth a $5 or $6 matinee at one of the cheap theaters.

One thing that Green Lantern lead me to realize about DC and Marvel is that, in Marvel the superheros tend to be geeks or smart people whereas in DC they’re already “cool.” Here are some examples.

Spider-man: Was a good student and was made fun of for being smart, he was smart enough to design his own webbing and web shooters.

Daredevil: Was a lawyer on top of being legally blind

The Hulk: Was a scientist

The Fantastic Four: Were all scientists

Iron Man: Was rich, but was also an engineer and designed all of his own stuff

Batman: Was rich, had all of his stuff made for him.

Green Lantern: Was a pilot

Thor: Was a medical doctor.

Superman: Came from humble backgrounds but was already an alien with superpowers.

Captain America: Genetically engineered soldier (I *think*)

X-men: Just a bunch of random people that were born with super powers.

I don’t know a ton about DC but it seems like in general their heroes were “cool” to begin with, whereas Marvel’s heroes were all geeks or smart in their own way.  It also bothered me that one of the bad guys in Green Lantern was a scientist and portrayed as being a loser. I feel that scientists should be portrayed as being cool and awesome, especially since America has such a shortage of them.


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  1. 1

    Scott Pool said,

    I agree with that list on the bottom besides the X-men…they’re marvel but they seem like they just start off as “cool”, though I do see a trend. It seems like Marvel likes the idea of a nobody becoming something extraordinary, wheras DC doesn’t.

    • 2

      improperintegirl said,

      I see it more as Marvel rewarding those who have worked and studied hard and DC just making cool people cooler with superpowers. Marvel was very pro-kids staying in school. I remember reading one of the original Fantastic Four’s, it had a letter some kids wrote in to Stan Lee (those are not in the reprints) saying they were pissed their teacher took away their comic for reading it in school and Stan “the man” wrote something back along the lines of “comics are for enjoying at home, at the park but never in school, your teacher did the right thing taking it away”

  2. 3

    I was really looking forward to seeing Green Lantern, too! I may not watch it now, but nothing else appeals to me in theaters. XD And I see what you mean about Marvel’s superheroes all being intelligent in some way or another. I don’t think I can think of one who wasn’t, to be honest. 😛

    • 4

      improperintegirl said,

      Well Mr. Popper’s Penguins is out if you want to see something adorable XD. Wanna see it next week?

      • 5

        To be honest, the trailer for that movie wasn’t too appealing for me. 😛 I’m not a huge fan of Jim Carrey, either. XD I have two free movie tickets from Fandango, though, but I’ll be saving those to see Harry Potter! :3

  3. 6

    I heard the Hangover 2 was pretty bad, and I expected that. I’m heartbroken that Green Lantern is pretty sucky. I skipped past your review for now in case of spoilers. Still going to watch it on Saturday so I’ll definitely let you know what I think XD Probs gonna rift-track it throughout.

    Also, I recommend seeing Super 8 if you like thrilling alien movies involving kids lol.

    • 7

      improperintegirl said,

      It had no spoilers, feel free to go back and read it XD

      And I’m not sure if I want to see Super 8. The fact that *all* of the dogs run away without dragging (or at least trying to) their families with them makes no sense. I guess Steven Spielberg doesn’t have any pets -_-

      Kids also annoy me in serious movies sometimes… I just have 1 question, is the movie ever shakey like Cloverfield or other crap like that? Because I can’t stand that.. >.<

      • 8

        I read it! Haha. After reading some reviews, my expectations of Green Lantern dropped to as low as The Last Airbender bad, so when I actually saw the movie I enjoyed it a bit. I dunno face value it looked pretty. In 3D would have given me a headache though some of the flying scenes would have been cool. Wasn’t Renolds also Deadpool (I love Deadpool from Xmen) in Wolverine Origins (horrible movie) and in Trinity Blade? I don’t care too much for him, but Green Lantern had its moments (I like the intro a lot, and the graphics weren’t cheesey in my opinion). I agree it was super rushed towards the end.

        I can see where you are going with your Marvel versus DC theory. Although my all time favorite superhero will also always be Spiderman. From Queens and a super-smartie! haha.

        As for Super 8, I think the kids can be annoying sometimes (though its over exaggerated for humor I think in the context of the movie). There is definitely 1 scene I can think of that was super-shakey, but that’s about it.

        I dunno why all the puppies would run away without their families since they work like a pack >.< I think they tried to imply that they were eaten or something. I dunno XD

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