Kissy Tree Lives On

Ever since we first moved into my neighborhood there was a giant oak tree that we dubbed Kissy Tree, because it had two growths that looked like a pair of eyes and another that looked like puckering lips. A few years ago it was hit by a car, and the car caught on fire. It was very damaged but I hoped it would pull through, or that if it did die, it would fall across the road and hurt no one (but possibly mess up a car) and screw over traffic in revenge. But sadly it was cut down about two weeks ago. When I counted the rings I saw that it was approximately 120 years old.

I was really sad about it being cut down. I mean really, really sad. It made me pissed off at cars and crappy drivers. When this tree first started growing my neighborhood wasn’t even there. I think that the main road may have been there at the time but I’d need to check maps from the late 1800’s to be certain.I do have some pictures of Kissy Tree, but they’re in a massive box of pictures somewhere. I’ll be sure to post them when I find them.

Anyway, now for the happy news 😀

There were a few seedlings near the parent tree. These two were the biggest ones and I took them. One suffered root damage in the process though 😦 However I am going to will it to live in the hopes that it will recover! I will name one Great Deku Sprout since I felt that Kissy Tree was the Great Deku Tree of my neighborhood and I am not sure what to name the other. I was thinking of naming the other Yggdrasil.. but Yggdrasil was an ash tree, so I’m currently looking for some badass Norse/Germanic name for it.

Since I think Kissy Tree was a red oak ( it could’ve been a black oak, I’m not 100% sure), I looked up how to properly care for red oak seedlings. When they are babies they need the shade of a mature tree, though once they get to be 2-3 years old they need direct sunlight. Learning this makes me want to go rescue all of the other seedlings (since they are now in direct sunlight) but that would be too many trees for me to care for right now.

In other news, one of my basil plants is starting to look pretty good while the other is still moving slowly.

My orchid is also doing much better, it’s roots have been growing in addition to the leaf it recently sent out. That’s about all of the plant news I have for now 😀


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