An Update on the Plants in My Life

You may remember the last post I wrote about the orchid that I’m trying to bring back to life.

we've made some progress!

I’ve been giving it special orchid food in it’s water every few days and I’ve been misting it with the orchid food 1-2 times a day. It’s started growing a new leaf out of the middle and some of its roots look more alive than they did before. I’d be thrilled if I could get it to flower this summer, but I’ll let the plant take all the time it needs to feel better enough before it starts flowering. I also thought of a name for the plant! I’m naming it Holly after my neighbor’s cat that past away a number of years ago. The original Holly was hit by a car,  just had kittens and was living in a dumpster when she was rescued (on Christmas eve, thus the name Holly), my neighbor adopted her and helped nurse her back to health. She was a very nice cat and was an outside cat. She never strayed further than a few houses away from her owner’s and wore a bell on her collar because my neighbor didn’t want her killing anymore birds.

I’m also growing some basil. Triscuit is promoting the home farming movement by providing seed cards on their boxes. I got basil seeds on the last triscuit box we had and decided to try growing them. My mom warned me that she had a lot of trouble getting basil to germinate in the past, which is why she just buys the little plants at a nursery and plants them in our yard. But I still decided to give it a go.

the seed card!

the card needs to be soaked for 2-4 hours before it can be split in half and planted

it says to plant both cards in the same 8 inch pot, but i wanted to give one plant to Scott so I went with two pots, they're just about to be covered with soil!

So I planted them on April 22. For a while they did nothing but then I saw a tiny speck of green in one of them, which has since grown into this!

a bigger tiny speck of green!


here's a close up! it made it's first mini basil looking leaves!!

I thought the other pot would be a dud, but recently it’s made it’s own tiny speck of green.

here's a closeup

They seem to be growing pretty slowly, at least way more slowly than my mother’s tomatoes. I’m thinking of naming the two of them Mr. Sam and Mr. Frodo.. but it seems weird naming them because I’m going to be eating them eventually.

Those are all of the plant’s I’m trying to grow right now, but here are some pictures of other nice things in my front and back yard. Note: not all of these are currently in season.



this columbine looks a lot like a dress


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