Aging Vampires Depress Me

When I finished my finals I wasted a few days having Angel marathons on Netflix. I had started watching the series over winter break but had to stop when school started up again. After finishing the series, I went back to the first season of Buffy to watch an episode that wasn’t loading the day I had originally wanted to watch it a while back. Angel was in that episode. My first thought “Damn he was hot when he was younger!”

Angel in season 1 or season 2 of Buffy

I loved how he was always ending up shirtless. Male exploitation FTW!

The first two seasons of Buffy were great in that aspect. He really was always ending up shirtless, and half of those times he was chained to something and being abused by someone with holy water and crucifixes. My second thought after seeing the young David Boreanaz after I had just seen the last episode of Angel, “Oh crap, aging vampire!”

He's aged alright. I've refrained from posting a picture of him with no shirt on because even though he's still attractive, aging vampires depress me.

I understand that if you’re making a tv series that have vampires as some of the main characters, you can’t stop them from aging. But the thing that I find the most ironic is that that later on in the Buffy/Angel-verse was when they really started going into Angel’s history. This involved flashbacks to him being (17 supposedly) in various parts of Europe 200+ years ago, immigrating to America around 100 years ago and so on. Doesn’t exactly work well when you know they’ve aged since then.

Anyway, I liked Angel overall. At first it was really good and stayed that way, then really weird shit started to happen, then weirder shit started happening, then it got really really good again, then it got a bit weird but had a kick ass end. And not only did the black guy not die first, the black guy didn’t die period!

Now that I’m done with Buffy and Angel, I’m waited for the first two Buffy comics that I ordered to come. If they’re good I’ll consider buying some of the Angel comics and the rest of the Buffy ones, but only the ones Joss Whedon had input on.


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    David Boreanez was my childhood crush, but Angel still remains one of my favorite series. I was really disappointed with the ending, though, especially since Wesley’s character was starting to grow on me. I’ve been searching for a new vampire series to fill the gaping hole in my heart, but nothing good has released since. Eric from True Blood comes pretty close, though. 😛 I’m so hyped for the new season this summer! You might actually like it. 😮

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      improperintegirl said,

      I didn’t mind Wesley’s death that much, it fit with Fred going. However, Fred’s death and the birth of the smurf thing felt like they were pulled out of someones ass. It also seems like phasing Cordelia out of everything was pulled out of someone’s ass. It gave me sexist vibes since it was the two main female characters that got killed off first.
      Maybe I’ll watch True Blood at some point in the future. I’m planning on watching Dr. Who on Netflix this summer and reading the Buffy/Angel comics. I’ll let you borrow the two I just bought once I read them if you’re interested 🙂

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