Don’t Get Your Ears Pierced At Claire’s

Sometime early yesterday morning I awoke to pain around my right earring, but I’ve had pain there before so I made myself go back to sleep. When I went to clean it after I woke up there was a lot of blood. Ironically the same thing happened to me last Easter with the same exact ear. I blame it on Claire’s.

In December of 2009, I got my ears pierced for my birthday. I had wanted it done for a while, but I wanted it done by a jeweler or by a doctor. My pediatrician used to do it but she had retired, and every jewelry store that my mother called suggested Claire’s as the place to go.  I also hadn’t heard of anyone I knew having problems with them, and I wanted my ears pierced, so I did it. I NEVER SHOULD HAVE DONE THIS. At the time I didn’t want to go to a tattoo/piercing parlor but now I realize that even though the people in them may appear “scary” this is something they do *every* day, and something they know a lot about. That would have been the smarter option.

The girl that pierced my ears was nice enough, she helped me determine where the holes should be placed and explained to me how to care for them afterward. First she did my left ear, which I know hit a nerve because I felt that same kind of surge you get when your funny bone is hit.(Later I also found that this one was pierced not in a straight line, but at some weird angle).  Next she did my right ear, which didn’t hurt so much. What pierced my ears was the actual earrings, not a gun or a one time use needle. Hell it would’ve been better if I had my uncle do it for me (he was in the Navy and pierced his own ears).

After the thirty days, or however long I was supposed to wait to put new earrings in, I tried putting new earrings in. I found it pretty hard to do. If the post was not perfectly straight and did not have a rounded tip I couldn’t get it in because of the pain it caused. The weight from dangling earrings also gave me some pain and just didn’t feel right. So I got in the habit of wearing different studs.  I still continued to clean them, even though I didn’t need to at that point. I did this because at times they would get itchy or irritated.

Then last Easter, when I went to change my studs, puss and blood came out of my right piercing. At that point I wanted to let my piercings close up, the only thing stopping me was the expensive pair of earrings my parents bought me for my birthday that I never got the chance to wear because they weren’t studs. My mom convinced me to not let them close up because I wanted to get them pierced for so long. She told me to clean them out with alcohol and put my original earrings back in. I did this. I didn’t change them for months. After a while I had less irritation, but it was still there from time to time.

My mom suggested that they might me irritated because I sleep on my side, and pressure from the studs could be giving me irritation. She said I should try sleeping without them to see how I do. So I did. Next morning when I tried to put earrings in the left side was fine, but the right side, was so inflamed I thought it closed. I managed to gently force the earring I had with the thinnest post through it, but took it out because the posts were too short. I put back in my original earrings and there they stayed.

Then this past December my parents got me some expensive studs. Those I put in and they never gave me any problems. Until I lost the back to one of them. So I put another pair of studs in with long posts. I eventually found the back of my nicer stud a week ago, but didn’t change them back because I’m lazy when it comes to things like makeup and jewelry. I put the expensive pair back in after my right piercing bled yesterday.

My mom suggested that I let the piercings close and get re-pierced at a piercing parlor where they know what they’re doing. I really don’t want to do that.  If I let my piercings close I am not getting re-pierced because I don’t want any chance of having to deal with this bullshit every again. They were technically never “infected” but they’ve been so much more annoying than they’ve been worth. It’s also only been the right one that’s given me major problems. I don’t want to let just one close because I’ll look stupid with just one earring.

Yesterday I was at the point where I wanted to throw all of my earrings out the window and let my piercings close up. Once again the expensive pair my parents bought me, in addition to a nice pair Scott bought me were the only things stopping me. After rationalizing I think I might see a jeweler about having my earrings made into charms, or something that I can make a necklace into.  But for now I have the nice studs my parents got me in, and I’m hoping eventually they’ll stop giving me problems but I don’t see it happening. One more strike and they’re out for good.

Don’t get your ears pierced at Claire’s or by any kind of a piercing gun. Have it done with a single use needle by someone who has a crapload of experience in the area.


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  1. 1

    I’m sorry about your bad piercing experience. 😦 I got my first pair of lobe piercings done by a professional when I was a baby. For my second pair of lobe piercings, I did go to Claire’s but never had any problems with them. I guess the woman who did yours just wasn’t experienced or careful enough. =/ When I had my two cartilage piercings done at Flushing for $5 each, though, it caused many problems for me. One of them wasn’t pierced straight by the gun, and would bleed and get keloids often. This just goes to show that professionals do it best. :X

    • 2

      improperintegirl said,

      My mom never got my ears pierced as a baby because she felt it was wrong to cause a baby pain even though they wont remember it. She felt that if I wanted to feel the pain when I was older that should be my decision. I agree with that, when it comes to ear piercings as well as circumcision.

      I’m still contemplating letting the bad one close up and having it redone at a piercing parlor.. if only it was the winter when I don’t tie my hair back >.<

  2. 3

    That’s frightening! And here I was about to suggest my close friend to get their ears pierced at Claires for her 21st birthday XD

    • 4

      improperintegirl said,

      There are people who have had no problems with claire’s. But if I had to do it over I would have found a well reviewed piercing parlor that had experienced people there to do it with one time use needles >.< Please suggest that your friend do the same so she doesn't end up in my situation.

  3. 5

    Celine said,

    Wow, I feel sorry for you. I got my done by a doctor at the hospital and it’s just fine. I really hope yours get better. 🙂

  4. 7

    crystal said,

    that sucks but i think your problem was an inexperienced piercer, not exactly getting it done with a gun or because it was claire’s[directly]. I got my ears pierced at a kiosk in the mall when I was about 7 i guess. I’ve never had any problems with them, and I’m not a big earring wearer but i do wear some occasionally and my holes have never closed up or anything like that. That being said going to a parlor is always going to be your best bet, but make sure you get recommendations on what piercer to use. I got my belly button done when i was in 8th grade at a certain parlor by a guy named bear. it was quick, practically a pinch and it was done. a couple years later my friend finally convinced her mom to let her get it done, so i suggested the same parlor i went to. well the guy who did mine no longer worked there and the guy who did hers…well she suffered. So i guess the lesson is no matter where you go just make sure the person doing your piercing knows what they are doing and has good recommendations.

  5. 8

    Sarah said,

    oh my god i just got mine done at claires… SHIT!!!!!

  6. 10

    Bethany said,

    I just got my ears pierced at Claires at they seem fine so far. It all depends if you look after them properly. It has nothing to do with getting your ears pierced with a gun, my mum, sisters, cousins and aunties (theres like 10 of them altogether :D) all got their ears pierced with a piercing gun they all turned out fine. It just depends on the aftercare.

    • 11

      improperintegirl said,

      I did everything I was supposed to do with regards to the aftercare. I know I had my issues because of the gun and the odd angle I have one of my ear piercings in because of it. Recently I’ve had no issues, but it seems I can only wear gold studs.

      • 12

        lauren said,

        Some people just have really sensitive ears and that has nothing to do with the original piercing.

      • 13

        Crubin13 said,

        That can honestly just be your ears fault. Certain people can only wear certain metals. Also, after the six weeks of having the same ones in, you should automatically switch to cheap costume jewelry.

  7. 14

    Sarah said,

    You will NOT go through this bullshit if you get it re-done with a needle. After six gun lobe piercings and all manner of infection, pain and ridiculosity, I had my navel pierced with a one-time, hollow needle and it has been MY EASIEST PIERCING. Not one issue–not one. My earlobes would have been like that if they’d been done properly.

    Bethany–some people just get lucky. But piercing guns are NOT safe–for every person you can find who was “fine,” there’s another one–like the OP, like me–who wasn’t.

  8. 15

    Darcy said,

    I got my ears pierced there like 3 days ago, and are
    Hurtin behind my ear cause I sleep on my
    Side and it’s a pain cause i don’t know how to
    Get them out :p but I just got my nipples pierced and no other piercing can compare!!!!

  9. 16

    Poppy said,

    I’ve had both my piercings done at claire’s and everything’s fine with me, but i guess it just depends.

  10. 17

    Zoe said,

    I got my ears pierced at claires when I was a baby and they aren’t even straight one of them is right near the edge of me lobe and the other half way up so don’t get them done there.

    • 18

      Justina said,

      I work at Claire’s right now. I am well experienced when it comes to piercing a person’s ear. I have pierced more than a few babies in my time, and I just want to say that parents are always advised before the piercing that they may have to restrain their childs head and arms so that we can successfully complete the piercing. The reason we may have to do this is if the baby moves a lot the earring could go in the wrong place of the ear. If the child happens to move there is the possibility that the earring could be pierced too low or too high. You might have moved during the piercing causing it to be too low on youur ear. Your parents or yourself should call 1-800-Claires and ask if they would allow you to have it repierced in the correct spot for free.

  11. 19

    Ann said,

    Claire’s is a great place to get your ears pierced. Aftercare plays a huge part. And if you get your ears done as a baby they often come out uneven as you get older because you can not predict how a baby will grow!

  12. 20

    Kali said,

    I got my second love piercing done at Claire’s. The girl who did it didnt wear gloves or anything. My ears were red and swollen and hurting before I even got home. (putting neosporin on the holes clears up the infection really fast btw.) it was done almost a year ago and my piercings still get infected from time to time. I know I’ll never have them do piercings for me again.

  13. 21

    Rachel said,

    It sounds to me like maybe you’re allegic to the earrings you use and that’s why your ears get irritated. Many people are allergic to the nickel in jewelry. You said that the expensive earrings that your parents got you didn’t bother you and that’s probably because they didn’t have any nickel in them. I can never wear regular sterling silver earrings for more than a few hours without my ears becoming red and itchy. But I can wear gold earrings or nickel free jewelry all day.

  14. 22

    maggie said,

    i would sugest always wearin 9 carrat or 18 carrat earing . my 4 sissters and i got ares done at claires and ares turned out fine but sometimes ur ears can be irritated . while at schl i studied beatuy and we were taught about piercing ear /nose /belly button and it just depend on the thickness of ur ear lobes ect

  15. 23

    zoe said,

    Its nothing to do with WHERE you got it done, anyone can have an off day, at a jewellers, at a kiosk, at claire’s, anywhere! There’s going to be some more experienced than others, and you clearly had one of the less experienced ones. You may well have been allergic to the earrings. A major part of having any piercing is the after care, you might not have kept on top of cleaning your earrings or not cleaning it well enough. I had mine done at claires and clean mine 4 times a day and have had no problems what so ever, I would itstantly blame the place you had it done and think of all the things that you might have done wrong.

  16. 24

    Doctor who said,

    My sister had hers done at Claire’s and she hasn’t had any problems or pain
    I guess the person who did yours wasn’t fully trained😓

  17. 25

    U aint got no sense first claire’s aint the problem yo ear the problem i just got my ears pierced at claire’s yesterday and they are fine i saw alot of people get they ears pierced and they were great and the lady who pierced mine was perfect u might have moved and messed them up since it CAUSED U SO MUCH PAIN and when u took yo earrings out it wasnt time they said 6 weeks not 4 and if puss come out yo ear u no the earring aint do it and u cant blame claire’s if it happened with other earrings so wake up and stop being a retard cause claire’s is the best place and i recommend

  18. 26

    jay said,

    Ya uhm I got mine done there almost five years ago and they still are very sensitive and irritated a lot like any time I wear earrings.. I can only wear them for like a day and have to take them out to sleep. They pierced my ears too low so I can’t wear very heavy earrings. I can wear hoops and everything but not if they’re too heavy I’m scared they will rip. They irritate my ears a lot also.

  19. 27

    Destinie said,

    I got mine done there and IT HURTS LIKE HELL

  20. 28

    Shelby said,

    Okay seriously!! Everyone’s body reacts differently when you have A HOLE in your ear!! I have had mine for 12 years and they have been fine. I got mine done at Claire’s and they do clean their guns. I watched them clean it with an alcohol swab intricately. You are probably allergic to the metal i the earring you were/are wearing. I’ve had that problem before. My ear got very sore and red, it bled so i cleaned it and put one of my Claire’s earrings in and it got better with more cleaning and neosporin on the post. It takes time but you need to remember what metals disagree with your body.

  21. 29

    Bella said,

    Well, Today i got my ears pierced at Claire’s and so far its fine.. But i think you will get the infection i little later but i think i will be fine.. So you can get your ears pierced at anywhere. Maybe its because you didn’t take care of you and your earring or maybe it depends on the earring or maybe the person that helped you pierce your earring. So you can pierce your ear ANYWHERE but, if you listen to this comment and do pierce it anywhere and something happens, DON’T BLAME THIS ON ME. I am just saying this you don’t have to listen to me i am just giving my opinin. SO PLEASE DON’T BLAME THIS ON MY IF YOU GET AN INFECTION OR ANY OTHER CAUSE. DO NOT BLAME THIS ON ME!!!

  22. 30

    olivemiller said,

    I’m so sorry to hear!! This happened to me too when I was about . I second holes done there and my ears got so red and infected even after cleaning them several times a day for weeks … I couldn’t even lay down on my sides anymore or touch my ears they hurt so bad. So eventually I let them close and said to hell with it and pierced them myself and have never had a problem since, going on almost 5 years since I did them too! So of anyone’s thinking about ear piercings go to a tattoo parlor or anywhere but Claires !!

  23. 31

    lame said,

    stop using cheap studs and dont be the weenie who judges people by there looks, if your to scared to go into a tattoo shop to get it done then forget about it your lame

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