Mission: Orchid Revival

A little over a year ago my family went to a garden show. There we bought a baby orchid (by baby I mean it was just roots and leaves, and very small). It never flowered, and is currently in bad shape. After I started reading The Secret Life of Plants I’ve begun to think about them a lot differently. I’m really determined to help this plant out. The shells were there to help weigh it down since when we bought it, it wasn’t in the pot.

As you can see its in bad shape

Heres a close up of the poor thing 😦

Here’s what I’m doing to help the orchid:

1. I bought special orchid food to help make it happy. Once it’s happy I’ll buy the food that’s supposed to help it flower.It’s supposed to make small purple flowers and I really want to see them!

2. I make sure to open the curtain near it that my mom always closes at night. I plan on researching the species and seeing what amount of light would be optimal for it, since I just found out that the black spots on the leaves are sunburns.

3. I am willing it to live and talking to it a bit. This may sound crazy but The Secret Life of Plants has convinced me that this will help and that plant will appreciate it.


On a happy note, I will end this with pictures of some of the happy plants in my garden 🙂


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  1. 1

    Wow! How do you and your family manage to maintain such healthy-looking flowers in your garden? Peonies and roses grow in mine, but only last for like three weeks before dying again. 😥 Good luck nursing your orchid back to health! Me and the other RAs in my building are currently trying to grow Zinnias in our office. Haha.

    • 2

      improperintegirl said,

      It may depend on how much sun light they’re getting and the condition of your soil. Most roses I know of need full sunlight, and I just read that peonies do best in full sunlight as well. If it turns out that you just have too much shade for them I can give you a long list of recommendations XD

      All of the flowers pictured except the pansy come from bulbs… we have OD daffodils.. and even the neighbors have some of our daffodils because they multiply insanely and my mom gives extras away when she moves them around.

  2. 3

    my favorite part of this blog “I’m willing it to live…” haha.

    G’luck reviving those orchids. They were my grandmother’s fave. And holy crap your flowers are beautiful! So glad the April showers are indeed bringing pretty flowers ;D

    • 4

      improperintegirl said,

      Thanks ^^ there are also more plants that have flowered that I have yet to take pictures of! I’ll probably get on that sometime soon =D

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