Update On My Classes

I realized that I never posted what classes I was taking this semester when the semester began. Anyway, here it goes. I’m listing them in order of greatest difficulty.

Intro to Number Theory – I absolutely love this class. But I may drop it. I’m pretty sure I flunked the test I took yesterday. This is the kind of math I can do well on my own if I’m allotted enough time. But I just don’t have enough time to think things through on exams. I would if I had more time to study for this class, but I do not because of the second class I’m going to list. I could probably pull a D, but then if I retake the class I’ve already earned the credits and that creates problems with me being a full time student.

Mathematical Foundations of Secondary School Curriculum – This is a very fun class, it also isn’t difficult, but is placed here because of the heavy workload. Students teach the class in groups in this class. We make up lesson plans, homework, quizzes and have to fill a 5 inch binder with stuff on our topic. Yes a 5 inch binder. It is a group effort, but still very intimidating. Now, this class screws with how much time I can put into number theory, but I need this class to student teach next year, so sadly this one must take priority.

Nonlinear Programming – This is basically an optimization course. It’s an interesting area of applied math, I can really see how so many corporations would need people who understand the approximation techniques we’re learning. But this math is a bit too applied for my tastes (number theory totally spoiled me).

Intro to Human Evolution – An anthropology course. It’s like watching the History/Discovery channel, only you get to ask questions! I’m getting B’s in this class though because I suck at memorizing terms.

Language, Literacy and Culture – This is my ESL education class. It gets very boring at times but as long as you participate in class the teacher is happy. It’s also not super heavy on writing. I made sure to take a prof that wasn’t heavy on writing.


The last day I can drop is Monday. If anyone has been in a similar situation with dropping a course, please offer me advice!



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    Hopefully, it’s not too late to save your grade in Number Theory? 😦 I’ve never dropped a course, but looking back, I probably should have. It would have saved my GPA by a lot. =/ Is the P/NC deadline over for your school yet? Perhaps you can do that instead of withdrawing.

    Also, envy that you can take that Human Evolution course! I’ve always wanted to take an anthropology class, but it has never fit into my schedule or credited towards a related elective for my field. >.<;

    • 2

      improperintegirl said,

      The last day to P/NC is Monday. Luckily I found out that I got a C on the test… but I need to check with the math deptartment what grade I need to get in the course for it to count towards my major. If it’s a D+ I’ll keep the course but if it’s a C I may drop it.

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