As a BzzAgent, I’m given the opportunity to try out new products. Most recently, I got to try out the website for a month. has tutoring videos in a decent range of high school and college level math and science courses. Since I’m finished with all of my undergrad math classes and science requirements, I can’t really use this website to help me study. But since I’m also studying to become a math teacher I thought I would take a look at some of videos for high school level math.

After I typed “logaritms” into the website’s search bar and hit enter, I was directed to links for many videos concerning logarithms. I clicked on the first one, and learned what the format of their videos was like. Click the screen capture to enlarge.

Basically, you see a video of the teacher on the right, see how they work out the problem in the center, and see what sub topics the video is divided into on the left. What I like about this is that you can easily skip to a certain topic in the video by clicking on it on the left part of the screen. If you feel like the teacher went too fast or didn’t catch something, you can pause the screen and let the math sink in, or you can rewind the video and listen to his or her explanation again. Many of the videos also have a nice summary of what was covered underneath them.

I also took a look at some of videos for multivariable calculus. I wish I knew about this website when I was taking multivariable calculus. My professor was horrible and I had difficulty finding tutoring videos. I used Paul’s Online Notes and Cramster for the most part, but I wished I had more. This website would have made my life a lot easier when I was taking that course because it gives you a thorough review of the subject in addition to solved practice problems.

Since a friend of mine is currently taking (and having difficulty in) Physics, I shared the code BUZZFA626 with him so he could also take part in the free trial.  He said that the physics videos were great because the professor is very relaxed and doesn’t go over things too fast. Since the professor is so relaxed, it helped him feel calm and relaxed, which helped him gain more from the online lectures. I also watched a physics video and found that this was true. I think the physics professor could possibly be the best for this reason.


They have a decent range of topics. Their search function is very useful. You don’t need to look through anything, just type in the topic you want to learn about. You also have the ability of asking the teachers questions about their videos if you wish. I haven’t taken advantage of that aspect of the website, but I can only assume its a very good thing.


Their prices. I don’t think any of them are really targeted at college students. A normal semester is about 4 months long, and from what I’ve seen, an “average” student wont start looking for online resources until about a month into the class when they realize they need to learn whats going on before midterms. If they had a three month plan that cost around $60 I could more easily imagine students going for this. Also, the only programming language they have that I’ve seen offered in colleges is Java. The website would have more appeal if they also offered Pearl, Python and C++ or C#


In the end, I would say that is a good resource for a student that needs a through review of a subject without spending hours pouring over small details. The professors are good and are able to give you a general idea and some examples in less than the time of an actual lecture. However, because I’m not too crazy about their prices, I would be more likely to buy a month subscription the month before finals to help me review, rather than pay for six months and only use the website for four months at most.


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    I’m glad that you’re also part of BzzAgent now! I looked over what they had for college physics that might help me out, and I was surprised that their content almost exactly matched my curriculum for the semester. Unfortunately, as you said, it’s not targeted for a college student’s budget. >.<;

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      improperintegirl said,

      You can use the code I mentioned to get a free trial for a month. Then sign up for one month if your finals are still a a few weeks away. When I was taking physics (in high school and college), my golden study tool was the Princenton Review AP Physics book. I highly recommend it. It has examples of every type of problem you could encounter, and shows all the steps to get the answers, not just the answers. It’s only $20, and from what I found, way better than my college text book. I just lent my copy to Scott, if you need anyone else to vouch for it you can ask him 😀

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    Scott Pool said,

    Yeah this website has really been helpful to me over the past two weeks in studying for my physics exam. And I agree with you about them offering a type of semester package, I think it would only then be more alluring to college students. As it stands, 35 dollars a month is pretty expensive if you want to have it for more than one month of review

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