Weather, WTF?

Last weekend was beautiful. This weekend it is once again cold. It even snowed this week. There’s something very pretty about seeing spring flowers with a *dusting* of snow around them, but this was way too much.

You know God could at least tell us when it will be nice again so I could start a count down instead of being mad at our atmosphere…

I want to go hang out at the Botanical Gardens again, and take my dogs to the park every day… and not be inside 😦


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    I’m not too happy with this weather, either. 😦 Nature is teasing us with beautiful 65-degree temperatures, only to throw cold snow and rain at us shortly after. x_x It looks like it snowed way more in your area than mine, though! >.<; But flowers aren't even growing yet around here, haha.

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      improperintegirl said,

      That snow didn’t last long. I took those pictures about an hour before I had to leave for school. I realized the snow would melt soon and (hopefully) I wouldn’t have a chance to take pictures of spring flowers covered in snow again for a very long time. And truth be told, when I got home from school all of the snow was gone 🙂

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