Awesome Music, Awesome T-shirts and Highly Amusing Drunk People

Last night Scott, my little sister, her friend and I went to see the Dropkick Murphys play at the Roseland Ballroom.

We saw this while waiting…

The doors were set to open at 6:30, we got there a little early and waited on line. Everyone on the line cheered when a Bud Light truck drove down the street. Other than that waiting on line sucked. I honestly don’t know why we got there early, but anyway…

When we got in we bought t-shirts! I scored an epic green shirt for $10 because it said 2010 on it. It was from their St. Patrick’s day concert last year in Boston and has a skeleton playing an accordion on it ^^ But these aren’t the awesome t-shirts I’m talking about. The awesome shirts I’m talking about were ones I saw other people wearing. There was a fat dude that had a shirt that said “everyone loves a fat guy” and there was another guy with a shirt that read “you can’t fix stupid” on the front and “stupid is forever!” on the back.

After that we found places we could sit fairly close to the stage. I wanted to be closer to the stage and go stand, but I am/was still in the recovery process from my last Crohn’s flare up and couldn’t stand too long without feeling like I needed to run to the bathroom. If I can sit and relax when my colons acting up I can make it calm down.. and I wasn’t about to be soaked, soiled and brown in the trousers so I kept my decent seat for most of the night.

The Parkington Sisters was the first opening band. They played folk music reminiscent of the Irish sort.. but that isn’t the best description. I liked their music, all of their songs sounded different and they had nice melodies and vocals. They didn’t play for that long, I think they only played 3 or 4 songs.

Next up was the band Off With Their Heads. They’re a punk band and I didn’t really like them. They were way too loud.. the amps were doing that horrible screechy thing they do when they’re too loud. They caused my sister and her friend (who were out on the floor) to go temporarily deaf for the rest of the night, but luckily I was by Scott who had ear plugs. We offered the girls earplugs when they came back to where the seats were (a mosh pit turned into a fight and they decided to get out of there) but it was too late. Also, all of their songs sounded the same. And they played for too damn long. But in all fairness I listened to some of their recordings on youtube, they sounds much better that way because there’s no screechy amps.

Now I was only expecting two opening bands.. so when a third went up I was kind of irked. The next band that was up was Against Me! They were a good band and their amps weren’t screechy. They also had some really nice harmonies in their songs. However, I didn’t really enjoy the performance because of the following reasons: (1) I was pissed there were 3 opening bands instead of the 2 I thought there would be, (2) I was annoyed from listening to Off With Their Heads for so damn long. Anyway, I would have enjoyed them much more if it weren’t for those reasons…  also the band member in the left of the photo had a really epic beard. It doesn’t show up in the picture well but his epic beard deserves props.


Finally, after them we got to see the Dropkick Murphys. It was about 9:30 at that point. But from this point onward, things got so freaking awesome because the Dropkick Murphys are so damn awesome.

This was the point where I was pissed I wasn’t feeling well. I swear, next time I see them I’m holding a place at the front so I can get on stage for “Kiss Me I’m Shitfaced.” In some ways I prefer the recordings to the live shows, only because the amps were drowning out the vocals when they have such kick ass voices. But you can’t experience the real life awesomeness listening to the CD. I love these guys, their music always leaves you with a strong desire to get the man and with strong feeling that if you stick with your friends you can 😀 Not to mention the bag pipes, banjo, accordion and violin add some really nice uniqueness to their sound. Irish punk is the only way I can think to describe it! Towards the end of the show we stood at the back of the floor for a song or two. It was awesome.

I definitely plan on seeing them again. Hopefully I’ll be able to see them on St. Patrick’s day in Boston at some point in my life.

That would have been a nice ending to the post but I have drunk people stories to tell!!

We were actually sitting right next to the river of people walking to and from the bar. As the night went on the amounts of people became more plentiful and the people became drunker. We had beer spilled on our shoes, once as a guy was carrying it, twice because some drunkards left their half full cups next to the platform our feet were on XD

In addition to that, a drunk crowd surfer girl fell in between my sister and her friend and talked to my sister’s friend for a bit. Then some random dude told my sister’s friend either “you have the best seats in the house,” or “have a beer on the house.” When the Dropkick Murphys were playing some drunk girl, carrying three cups of beer and looking frustrated says to my sister’s friend “please take one!” in a childlike tone. My sister’s friend being a good under age child said no. That poor drunk girl seemed so disappointed she didn’t take one.

Those bartenders probably made so much money last night…


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  1. 1

    Scott Pool said,

    This concert was crazier than the Sonata Arctica one I went to with John and Andreas last May, although according to them that one wasn’t crazy at all compared to the ones they’ve been to.

    And yes the bartenders made a TON of money. When I went back there to see if there was any soda, it was two people at the bar completely filled around the circle of people wanting more beer. Every now and then he would just grab a pile of tips of 1s and 5s off the table and put them into a bucket.

    It also wasn’t as loud IMO as the metal concert, although I think that has a lot to do with the construction of the venue. The metal one was smaller and probably caused a lot more reverberation, I noticed because when wearing earplugs this time I could hardly hear even the band, but taking them out it was still loud but still at a comfortable level.

    And yeah I dunno why I thought trying to kiss you at the end of “kiss me I’m shitfaced” was a good idea XD

  2. 3

    I love going to concerts! It can be a completely different experience depending on what kind of people generally attend. The last few concerts I’ve been to were indie/hipster bands, thus resulting in a lot of pretentious conversation and weed-smoking by the audience.

    I haven’t listened to the Dropkick Murphys, but I’ve heard they’re in punk genre – which almost always ensures a lively crowd. : ) My school is actually paying them $150,000+ to perform in my quad at the end of the semester!

    And the only reason I usually prefer live performances to recordings is that you can FEEL the energy from the band and the crowd, especially if you’re in the mosh pit or standing at the front. It sucks that you couldn’t, but there’s always next time!

    • 4

      improperintegirl said,

      When are they playing at your school? And can I go? XD

      I also went to a hipster concert in September, I found that they were very civil people. It was a seated concert so there wasn’t weed going around but I did overhear pretentious conversations.

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