Thinking About My Financial Future

So I’ve accumulated a little bit of money over my life from birthday checks over the years and other sources. Right now said money is sitting in a bank account doing almost absolutely nothing. Bank interest rates are a joke.

I want my money to grow without me actually adding to it. I want to buy some stocks. So I was thinking about companies and trends that will probably grow in the future and came up with the following list:

Trader Joe’s – They’re the normal person’s alternative to Whole Foods

Dr Martens – They are coming back in style.. and the stocks for UGGs and crocs had crazy increases after their popularity rose.

Moobella – they put one of these machines in my college and it’s pretty popular. I can really see this taking off.

Pink Berry or Red Mango – I’d rather not own Red Mango (as I am allergic to it while I am not allergic to Pink Berry), but hell, these places are popping up everywhere and if either one can make me some money I’m for it!

Sadly when I tried to find out the stock symbols for all of these companies I found out that they’re all privately owned. Basically that means I can’t buy any stock in them 😦

But despite this I still want to make myself a nice stock market portfolio! Now a good portfolio is nice and diversified. From what I can remember, Jim Cramer the host of CNBC’s show Mad Money suggests that you have one of each of these types of stocks in your portfolio.

Retail – Macy’s, JC Penny, Kohls, etc.

Energy – oil companies, electric companies, etc.

A company you know – self explanitory

Financial – banks, investment firms, etc.

Technological – pharmaceuticals, electronics, etc.

I’m thinking of opening a Scottrade account. They only require that you invest $500 and it only costs $7.05 for each trade you make. Many other brokerage companies want you to invest at least $1000 or $2500.

Alrighty then, now on to two stocks I’m considering investing in.

Proctor & Gamble – it’s around $60 a share, but it has a 3.1% dividend rate! I also highly doubt that they’d go bankrupt as they make things that we always need.

Dr. Pepper Snapple Group – it’s around $30 a share and I love Dr. Pepper. It also has a 2.7% dividend rate. So I could buy more of these shares… but I see the value of the stock being hurt if those d-bags pass the sugar/soda tax 😡 I also can buy this stock directly (I don’t need to use a broker).

I swear before the summer I will own shares in something! I’ll also be able to know what all of the things on this page mean!!

And that’s all for now!


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  1. 1

    This reminds me of the stock market game that my middle school used to have us play! It’s nice that you’re already thinking of the companies that you want to invest in – it can really pay off if you’re savvy with that kind of thing. Good luck!

    Btw, I LOVE TRADER JOE’S!! 😀

    • 2

      improperintegirl said,

      I never got to play the actual game, but when I took an economics class in my senior year of high school she had us pretend to buy a stock and see how it went over the course of two weeks. I don’t think I made much money XD

      And Trader Joe’s is awesome!!!! I just wish there was one closer to my house!!

  2. 3

    Before you go to buy stock, make sure you check out each company’s financial statements and recent news relating to it, that way you will be able to tell which company is at a stand still, which may have a huge increase, or which one will start decreasing.

    Good luck though! I wish you the best!

    • 4

      improperintegirl said,

      I know what to check out, but you can’t predict everything from financial statements and the news.. I just wish I bought stuff two years ago when the market was super low… everything has recovered so much the earnings would have been huge if i bought stuff. Also, P&G was listed as a good long term stock in an article I read because of their steady growth rate and good dividend yield.. the article also listed pepsi and mcdonalds. But I don’t like most Pepsi products.. and if I buy Mcdonalds it would hurt my soul to know I’m buying into an industry that is made possible by factory farms 😦

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