All My Local Blockbusters Are Closing

I first dealt with this a number of years ago when Blockbuster still rented tapes. The one that was within walking distance of my house closed, for reasons unknown to me as Netflix did not exist at the time. But it was still sad. I can still remember my days in elementary school when Blockbuster really gave a shit about its customers. Every so often (or if you rented enough) they’d give you a movie night snack box with a bunch of samples in it. We got a large yellow popcorn bowl from them and one October me and my sister got free trick-or-treat buckets from them along with Halloween safety information. But those days were long gone before that Blockbuster closed.

Anyway, since the one we’ve been going to for new releases (as Netflix doesn’t have them and Time Warner is a fucking ripoff) is closing in April, they started selling off everything in the store now! Time for a Blockbuster edition of What’s in the Bag? Yes, I am blatantly stealing the idea from Peter.

Games (10% off)

Bioshock – I’ve heard that this game oozes Ayn Rand’s philosophy, so I thought I’d give it a try. If I don’t like it, my father or sister might.

Beautiful Katamari – Because I loved Katamari Damacy.. and this game was for the 360.. and we have a 360!

Movies ($10 each for the most part) My sister was the one to get more of these.. as $10 is a bit too expensive for me.

Monster’s Ball – My sister is collecting all of Heath Ledger’s movies. This is one of them.

Carrie – My sister hasn’t mentioned it but she may or may not be starting a Stephen King collection. Otherwise, it is a nice modern horror classic.

Nightmare on Elm St. 6 – Honestly I have no idea why she got this one. She claims that she needs it for one of her collections, but unless Johnny Depp is in that one, I have no idea what collection of hers it fits into.

Random Crap (20-30% off)

King Size Kit-Kat – yes I admit this was a damn impulse buy. Don’t judge me. I haven’t had a Kit-Kat since November and I need to gain about 10lbs.

Jiffy Pop – My sister was pissed we’ve never experienced it, and my Dad would probably enjoy it.

Jack Skellington Fleece Blanket – My sister and I were torn between the Jack blanket and Jack snuggie which were both the same price. But we each have snuggies already and figured the blanket would be a bit more practical.

That’s all for now. Hopefully those cheap asses will slash the prices on their movies so we can go back and buy a ton more 😀


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  1. 1

    All of my local Blockbusters are closing down, or are already closed down, too. 😦 I have great childhood memories of renting new releases and video games from there. I’ve played Bioshock with John, and it was pretty cool. Carrie was also a good movie, though I’m sure the book is much better. And I’m totally jealous of your King Sized Kit Kat!! 😀

    • 2

      improperintegirl said,

      One of the things preventing me from trying to read any Stephen King novel ever is the huge size of all of his books. It would be cool to know what the cut out and what they changed though! And I’d gladly share my Kit Kat if you were here, or if I still have it the next time I see you XD

  2. 3

    Scott Pool said,

    I’ve played the demo of Bioshock, it’s pret cool but also pretty scary and I don’t handle scary games well XD. And omg Jiffy Pop! I remember the times we would get those after going to blockbuster, it was the fun popcorn. Oh well these are the only good things about stores closing…I should go to mine.

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