Back in Middle School

So after many phone calls and rejections I finally found a middle school that I could observe at to get the hours I need for my education class. I must say, even though I hadn’t been in a middle school in years being there felt like stepping into a time machine.

All of the kids are awkward. They dress in a mesh of children’s and junior’s clothing. Some kids are really tiny, some are really tall. And practically *all* of them think they’re on the top of the food chain, except the shy quiet ones.

The teacher who’s class I’m observing seems awesome. He said he’s going to have me teach a few lessons to help me get used to it before I student teach next year! Yesterday, I spent my time there helping 7th and 8th graders with their classwork. An interesting thing that I noticed was that none of the kids are really “bad” rather they’re smart asses. The kind of smart asses that are fun if you know how to handle them and horrible if you don’t. I know I’ll be able to handle them when I student teach >:D

The funniest thing several of the kids did was call me over because their “friend” needed help. I would then ask the child that called me if they needed help. They would say no, that their friend needed it. I would ask the child if they understood the math. They would say no… (yet they don’t need help). Then I’d help both kids. It was pretty fun. I find it really interesting how kids can have trouble grasping the simplest concepts in algebra.. and how sometimes all it takes is a different explanation for them to get it.

On another note, I still look like I’m 15/16 years old. Last semester when I was at a high school all of the kids thought I was a student and told me I looked 16. In the middle school they tell me I look 15. But at least 15 is older than 12! I swear when I get a job I will need to go on a daytime talk show and get a makeover that will make me look my age!

The other thing that surprised me about the school was how nice it was and how many resources it had. This school was in district 28, aka Jamaica Queens (not the best neighborhood). They’ve got a ton of programs and all of the teachers seem to care about their students. I’m really looking forward to the next time I go there to observe and when I’ll get to student-teach next year now 🙂


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    Scott Pool said,

    I’m glad you like the school! It is also bigger than I originally thought it would be when I first went there and nicer than I expected as well. Yeah if only I could go back to middle school with what I know now..I was one of those kids who by 8th grade would be getting 40’s and 50’s on math tests and just grow to expect it because I didn’t get it.

    Then again I was also one of the odd kids who found learning with songs more confusing than just someone telling me straight up how something worked.

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      improperintegirl said,

      No, the songs work. How else can you remember the quadratic formula!! Your teacher’s taught you songs the wrong way!!! And you never really went to middle school since u were in a private school XD

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